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Bow Wow  as we all know has a beautiful daughter who is 1 year-old. He is scheduled to pay child support and has withheld some crucial financial information from the judge. READ MORE

Bow Wow is going to be hitting the road in support of his upcoming album. The rapper has announced that he will be kicking off his “Underrated” tour on June 1st at Dallas’ South Side Music Hall. The tour will also include shows in Anaheim, San Francisco, El Paso, and Tempe. More dates are expected to be added. Bow Wow’s “Underrated” album will be his first release as a part of Cash Money Records. The album is due in stores on June 12th.

In other news Bow Wow’s loving mother A.k.A. Moma T, Ms. Teresa is keeping us up to-date on how Bow Wow daughter  Shai Moss who’s  a year old now is doing. Shai mother is Joie Chavis a former model. Here are a few photos Moma ‘T’  tweeted of their little princess and video of Bow Wow speaking about the love of his life and new movie. READ MORE

Is Bow Wow A Good Father?


Rapper Bow Wow, who is currently working on his upcoming Young Money debut album UnderRated has been forced to grow up rather quickly.When the first rumors hit the net about Bow Wow having a daughter, he tried his best to avoid all of these rumors because he was afraid of what his fans would think. However, his most recent letter on his blog shows that he feels otherwise now. READ MORE

Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Joie Chavis Reveals Baby Shai

Bow Wow told the world in a heartfelt letter that he didn’t want people to see his baby girl. However, I guess his baby mama  Joie Chavis didn’t get the memo! She twitpic’ed this picture of their baby girl Shai Moss. Up until now, the world has only seen side shots of the baby girl out with Bow Wow. I wonder if this is going to be something that causes some drama between the two. I hope not! What do you think of baby Shai though? Isn’t she cute??? Who does she look like more? Bow Wow or Joie Chavis?

Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Is Pissed With Him!

While Bow Wow’s newest letter to his fans appears to be a very heartfelt one, his baby mama Joie Chavis is calling him out. In his letter he talks about his love for his newborn Shai Moss saying that “Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional ”. However, video girl Joie Chavis is stating otherwise. According to her, Bow Wow was nowhere to be found when she was getting a C-Section to birth their daughter. In fact, he didn’t even show up until 6 days after their daughter’s birth. In retaliation, she left his name off of the birth certificate. Maybe this is the drama Bow Wow was talking about when he stated in his letter: READ MORE