EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber’s New Video ‘Confident’ and Toxicology Reports In

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We just can’t get enough on Justin Bieber. Check to find out the new information on his toxicology report.

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Soulja Boy: Recent Arrest Result of “Being Young and Being Successful

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Soulja Boy is breaking his silence about his recent arrest for gun possession. In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Sirius/XM’s Shade 45 radio, the emcee blamed the arrest on “just being young and being successful.”


He also points out that had he been a regular citizen, his arrest wouldn’t have garnered so much media attention. Soulja Boy also drew a comparison between himself and Justin Bieber, who was also arrested last week for D.U.I. and drag racing. He says both he and The Biebs are “young and having fun,” adding that they will both “just deal with it.”

Me and Bieber we were just chilling. We just young and having fun. They pulled over the Bentley, they pulled over the Ferrari. Why were they pulling us over anyways?”

Soulja Boy also thanked his fans for “rocking” with him through everything.


Police in San Fernando Valley, California initially pulled Soulja Boy over on Wednesday for running a stop sign. During the stop, police discovered a loaded gun and took him into custody.  Well, it happens … now the question is “Will it become a consistent incident?” Tell us what you think about this story below.


Usher, Scooter Braun Supporting Justin Bieber In Panama

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Justin Bieber’s inner circle is rallying around the troubled star after his DUI arrest in Miami last week. Sources report the singer’s mother Pattie Mallette, manager Scooter Braun and longtime mentor Usher flew out to Panama, where Bieber is alleged to have flown after his release from jail Thursday, to help guide the singer through his latest headline-grabbing antics.

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UPDATE: Is Justin Bieber’s Dad Responsible?

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Jeremy Bieber – Justin Bieber‘s father — just might be completely responsible for his son’s DUI arrest, and had a pretty heavy hand in helping to tainting both Justin Bieber’s childhood and adolescent life.
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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Blames His Mom For Drugs

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Did Justin Bieber just snitch on his drug supplier?  WAIT, he told the police that one of his drug suppliers is HIS MOM!!!

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MUG SHOT: Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI, Resisting Arrest and Drag Racing

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The little homie Justin Bieber was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after being spotted drag racing Thursday morning in Miami Beach. Justin Bieber is wilding out! That young man is in a hep of trouble.
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Justin Bieber Previews New Music Wtih Drake & Future

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bieber-whats-hatninJustin Bieber has not been one to disappoint with new music lately.  In addition to doing great charity work, Justin is also making great songs!  The pop star’s latest tunes feature Atlanta rapper Future and Canadian actor/rapper/singer Drake.  This more grown up side of the Biebs is sure to make all his sweetheart fans love 100 times more than they did before!  Check them out below.  Read More »

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Justin Bieber Turns Up Heat In New Video For ‘All That Matters’

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Justin Bieber Sexy VideoIf you’re feeling a chilly, let Justin Bieber turn up the heat in his hot new video for “All That Matters”.  The pop super star gets very cosy with his sexy 19-year-old model co-star Cailin Russo.  Justin gave all his bielibers a glimpse o f his chiseled chest while he serenades his leading lady and touching her in places that might get under the skin of his young female fans.  Check out the video below. Read More »

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Justin Bieber Grown and Sexy In ‘All That Matters’ Video Teaser

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Justin Bieber is not a kid anymore and he’s about to show you just how grown he is in the video teaser for one of his music Monday singles “All That Matters”.  The full video will premiere on December 2, while his Believe movie hits theaters on Christmas Day.  Watch the Biebs serenade his sexy leading lady in the teaser below. Read More »

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