Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wants YouTube Co-Founder To Pay For Delaying Case

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wants the court to force YOUTUBE to pay for delaying their legal case after they allegedly leaked the video of their engagement.
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Trophy [No Wives] @1Future & @KanyeWest Rave About Girlfriends In Track #IWon

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Future and Kanye boast about Kim and Ciara on their new “I Won” collaboration.
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Kanye’s Wants Kim To Be “A” List [But Isn't She Already?]

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People say that it couldn’t be done. But Kanye pulled it off by getting his baby momma on the cover of Vogue.  But could K&K’s next goal of making kim an “A” list star also become a reality.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Covers VOGUE!

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Kim Kardashian has finally gotten her VOGUE MAGAZINE COVER with soon to be husband Kanye West and inside the story photos of their adorable baby girl North West. The FASHION bible is calling the couple “The #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple” on their April 2014 cover.

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Jay-Z To Be Best Man At Kim & Kanye Remix Wedding?

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Rumor on the street is that Kanye West asked HOV to be his best man to the Kim Kardashian remix wedding. And allegedly guess what Mr. Knowles-Carter had to say.

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Kanye West & Big Sean Make A Surprise Appearance With Rick Ross on Arsenio

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The big homie Arsenio Hall is bringing the noise with his entertainment line up. Last night the BIG BOSS Rick Ross brought the homies Kanye West and Big Sean on for a surprise appearance.
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Shots Fired: @ItsKidCudi Feels 100% Used By @KanyeWest

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Now that the dust has settled somewhat over the Kid Kudi/Kanye West debacle, it seems Kudi is speaking more candidly these days. And bottom line he feels used over the Yeezus “Guilt Trip” record.

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Kanye Claims He’s Painted As “A Maniac” For “Interracial Relationship”

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We’re barely into a New Year, and Kanye West has already beat down a guy for harassing his soon to be wife, while touting racial epithets  [understandably so]. And now he’s going off on the media. Checkout his shocking claims.

Although Kanye has been synonymous with “diva,drama,and flash,” he took a bold step over the weekend and made some pretty damming comments making some big name media targets.

“Every media outlet, I don’t care who you are — TMZ, E!, Barbara Walters — don’t play yourself. Respect it as such,” exclaimed West. “’SNL,’ all you writers, Lorne Michaels. Respect it as such.”

But Kanye’s most explosive claims are below:

West said, “Write that mother*cking headline when you try to make me look like a maniac or an animal, because you afraid of interracial relationships, because you afraid of the future, because you afraid of a rapper that was raised by two educated parents.”

His rant took unexpected turn as always when he then said:

“Cause when we standing face to face, you know who you’re looking at,” said the performer, going on to compare himself to everyone from Miles Davis to Prince to Missy Elliot.

“This ain’t no mother*cking spoof, so play this sh*t back at your motherf*cking meetings when you’re writing your jokes,” he continued. “Play this sh*t back when you’re writing your headlines for your tabloids.”

West is so bizzare that these rants tend to lose more impact the more frequent they become.

And I dont think his interracial claims hold an ounce of weight. No matter how European Kim Kardashian may appear, she’s still a minority, thus I can’t say as Ive seen any white person claim Kim in any way shape or form.

But what do you all think? Does Kanye have a point. Or is it more a case of
there’s nothing to see here folks!”

Free Market F*ckery: Kanye’s Kicks All Sold Out, But Appear On Ebay For 16 Million!

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Celebrities and their pricey footwear are nothing new to the industry. However Kanye West’s new signature shoe collectors item has just taken the game from absurd to downright criminal.

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