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Baby North West Attends Fashion Week Debut In Paris


Kanye and Kim’s baby girl North West is making her Fashion Week debut in Paris. The little girl was spotted with her doting parents at her first fashion show.
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Kim Kardashian is coming to Kanye West’s defense following reports that the rapper asked a wheelchair-bound audience member to stand up during a recent concert in Sydney, Australia.

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Rapper Kanye West is back in the news after berating a handicapped fan for not being able to stand up when he commissioned the audience to stand on their feet. Kanye West is so un PC that it is LAUGHABLE. No disrespect to anyone he offends but DUDE is HILLARIOUS.

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Beyoncé turned MTV’s Video Music Awards Out by performing a snippets from her latest album before walking away with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. ALL HAIL QUEEN BEY!

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is setting up to get a $20 Million Dollar Mansion in Hidden Hills, California!

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Kanye West is doing the most again by comparing celebrity struggles with the paparazzi to the struggles Dr. King had with Bull Conner and fire hoses.

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Kim Kardashian instagrammed a photo of a very proud papa Kanye West and their cute baby girl North West.

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“GQ” magazine is putting Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” at the top of its list of 21 albums from the 21st century that every guy should listen to.

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