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Word is that singer Chris Brown got into another fight. Sources from NY NEWS,  report the 23-year-old singer got into a heated argument at Gotha Nightclub in Cannes on Wednesday night with club security when he discovered his table wasn’t in the upstairs VIP area.
The eyewitness says as soon as Brown arrived at Gotha with an entourage of about 20 men and 10 women, including girlfriend Karrueche Tran , the scuffle began.


The group, led by fellow musician Barry (Mijo) Bradford , walked up the stairs to the VIP area with some “huge bodyguards, and Brown right behind them, thinking that’s where their table would be,” says the insider.

Two security guards belonging to the club, however, blocked them, and Bradford became “angry and started punching and shoving the security.


Then Chris and his bodyguards got involved and they were pushing and screaming at each other.”
The eyewitness in the VIP area says extra security was called in and even Paris Hilton’s private security — the heirhead was also partying at Gotha — stepped in to break up the fight. READ MORE

Word is  Karrueche Tran has been calling and texting Chris Brown round the clock and is begging for his forgiveness after the two allegedly broke up 2 days ago. Chris broke up with her over her alleged contact with Drake. However, our sources over MTO say Breezy is really still in love with Rihanna which is the real reason he’s calling it quits.  Hollywood Life reports an inside source said the drama is developing between the two ex-lovebirds.

 “It’s barely been 24 hours and the b—h is blowing a [boy] up real tough. But like I told you earlier, he ain’t f—ing with her right now at this moment. READ MORE

“Team Breezy” is not going out of business. Reps for Chris Brown are denying rumors that the singer is retiring from the music business. The reports surfaced Sunday after Brown’s appearance at the BET Awards. During his acceptance speech for Best Male R&B Artist, the singer referred to his new album, “Fortune,” as his “last album,” then went on to thank “Team Breezy” and everybody who had worked on his past albums. Brown’s speech set off rampant reports about the singer’s pending retirement, which is reps no say are not true. They say the singer simply misspoke when he referred to the project as his “last album” and has no plans on leaving the music business. “Fortune” arrives in stores Tuesday. READ MORE

Rihanna’s fans are apparently making Chris Brown’s current girlfriend fear for her safety. Sources say Karrueche Tran doesn’t want to leave home without Chris’ security by her side. READ MORE

Rihanna has sparked concerns that she may be headed for a major breakdown again. For the past 2 years RiRi has suffered major personal set backs and is said to suffer from ‘alcohol abuse,’ which is often over looked in Hollywood. Sources say if Rihanna don’t slow down she’ll end up in rehab or worse, — but if these reports are true that might be a good thing…

The National Enquirer Reports:

Rihanna’s friends are so worried about her hard-partying ways they’re urging the singer to check into rehab – before she meets the same tragic fate as Amy Winehouse.

Concerns about the “We Found Love” songbird reached a fever pitch in mid-December after she was forced to race offstage during the middle of a concert to vomit. But instead of being more cautious about her well-being after that episode, the 23-year old has continued to party and lose weight.

Rihanna has gone off the deep end,” disclosed a source in the music industry. “She has been burning the candle at both ends for nearly a year and now she’s on the verge of collapse.

Others Sources say Rihanna is still in love with Chris Brown and doing everything she can to get him back.

“Not only has she initiated a Twitter conversation with Chris for all to see, but she has gone to see him,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “She stopped by his studio recently — twice. She’s also calling and texting him a lot. She won’t let go.” READ MORE

Chris Brown Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Chris Brown won’t be changing diapers any time soon. The R&B star sent out a tweet on Monday denying a recent rumor that he and his girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, are expecting a child. Chris also tweeted about his fall during his performance in Indianapolis on Sunday night. The singer says there was a lot of rain coming down, which nearly caused him to break his arm. READ MORE