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Earlier this week Katt Williams was detained in Los Angeles for possession of a firearm while at Supper Club. Authorities didn’t find a gun on him so they let him go. Well, an interesting twist to the story is who Katt allegedly pulled the gun on. According to TMZ it was Big Perm, I mean Faizon Love.


After weeks of telling you that Ice Cube was working on a new Friday Movie, and after he did countless interviews  including one with the homie T.T. Torrez we just got everything we where hoping Confirmed about the new Friday film. (P.S. this is a fake  movie poster photos from twitter)

“For most people, Friday’s just the day before the weekend. But after this Friday, the neighborhood’ll never be the same.”

StreettherapyMagazine reports The internet is on fire with Ice Cube finally bringing Chris Tucker on board for the final Friday movie. I mean he might as well, with all the taxes he reportedly owes to the IRS. READ MORE

Kat Williams Arrested

Comedian Katt Williams got arrested in California on Saturday and you know it was for something crazy. Saturday afternoon a man on a tractor trailer doing work on a house Katt Williams was staying in was attacked by three women from inside the house who threw rocks and dirt clods at him. After being hit in the face and head the man called his wife to pick him up. READ MORE