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porshaCryingDangggggg Cletus! Porsha Stewart went hard for her man!! Too bad she didn’t know 1  1/2 week later he was going to be her EX. #Imjustsayin What reason did he really have for not showing up for the ReUnion Show? What were his last words to her? Just a bunch of manipulation! Kordell that was just NOT manly Bruh! Did you say baby, go to the ReUnion show alone and let them hoes have it (While I am down at the courthouse getting these divorce papers together) This situation is just NOT sitting well with me Kordell. Porsha is a friend to the blog and my BOO and I don’t like the way READ MORE

NeneRichleakesVery Rich Nene Leakes will return to the RHOA at her new contract of $1 Million Dollars including Bonuses and Salary. All the ladies will return for Season 6 and everyone has signed their new contract prior to all the reunion shows airing. Yesss!! READ MORE

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-hero-the-atlanta-reunion-beginsThe Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show Part I of a 3 part Series airs tonight. Yes Gawdddd!! There is more shade in the room than there is in all of Palm Springs in the Fall. Although I couldn’t wait to see my homie Phaedra battle it out with Stallion Booty DVD Creator Kenya Moore. I was most surprised that Porsha pulled out the BIG GUNS and shot Kenya Moore down. “Aggressive and Bitter” (or something like that) But yeah I did get a lot of AGRESSIVE and Bitter Tea from Kenya. HousewivesNot to mention the whole Copy Cat Move (tisk tisk tisk) and a touch of Paranoia (needing security for Walter?) Really??? And was this everybody pick on Porsha Stewart night or what??? READ MORE


Did you miss the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night? No worries. We’ve got the episode inside plus ALL of the drama. It seems like there was something going on with every body last night. Look inside to catch the details. READ MORE


We all knew this was coming. Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta released her music video for her song, Gone With The Wind Fabulous, yesterday and the comedians had a field day. Check out the funny spoof inside. READ MORE


The competition between booty fitness is at an all time high. The ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore have both released booty workout DVD’s and who is out selling who? Rumors have been floating that Kenya Moore’s video, ‘Booty Boot Camp’ is outselling Park’s,‘Phine Body: Donkey Booty.’


Over the weekend shots where fired and shade was thrown in Kenya Moore’s first music video, ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous‘. Over the weekend, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star unveiled her new video–and as suspected, Kenya poked fun at some of the folk she takes issue with, on the BRAVO reality show. READ MORE


Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star and now fitness expert, Kenya Moore, went to her blog on Bravo to talk a little about her new workout video, Kenya Moore’s Booty Boot Camp and her beef with Phaedra Parks. Details inside. READ MORE