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Killer Mike’s 420 Bash Lil Yachty Big Boi show

American Rapper Killer Mikes throws a epic 420 Birthday Bash. Of course Dungeons Family’s own, Big Boi shows up!


Killer Mike’s “Trigger Warning”

Killer Mike has a netflick film “Trigger Warning”; he’s talking about buying black, how long money stays in the black community. He actually did an experience of 24 hours buying completely Black. Could he do it? Watch the recap and his meaning of doing the whole documentry. 


A well-known hip-hop artist and activist has joined the board at a popular Atlanta museum. Musician and activist Michael Render, known as Killer Mike, has joined the board of the High Museum of Art along with three other community leaders including Jean Hanges, Keinon Johnson, and David Park. Killer Mike and the other new members join the 85-person Board of Directors for a three-year term.

  1. This week in Atlanta Mali Hunter hosted one of her world famous dinners at the studio with J. Prince as guest of honor. At each famous dinner she blesses everyone with her phenomenal mac and cheese along with a lot of tasty entrees. The spirits sponsor was Courvoisier and there were beautiful cocktail waitresses serving the crowd while James Prince did a Q & A moderated by former Ozone publisher Julia Beverly. READ MORE

Killer mike’s 420 birthday Party!

Killer Mike’s wife Shana Render, formerly known as the female rapper Shay Bigga, was on hand in Atlanta the other night.

She threw her husband Killer Mile a celeb filled 43rd Birthday. And while it was Mike’s night . . . Shana was the star of the show. Celebs such as Big Boi, KP the Great, David Banner just to name a few were definitely in the building!


After sharing the news of a new album, Big Boi drops his latest single featuring Killer Mike and Jeezy.   READ MORE

Just after the election in 2016, Kanye West shocked the world when he showed up at Trump Tower to meet with the President-Elect. Many of Yeezy’s most ardent fans and supporters couldn’t seem to wrap their mind around the decision, and the images of West posing with Trump in the lobby of his building nearly caused some people’s heads to pop off.


Killer Mike Puts An End To The Nazi-Punching Talk


The video showing white nationalist Richard Spencer getting his clock cleaned is the gift that keeps on giving at this point. The widely circulated clip shows the alt-right leader catching a hard punch thrown by an Inauguration Day protestor wearing a mask and many social media users recreating versions of the video backed by their favorite songs, including one that features Run The Jewels’ “Blockbuster Night Part 1.” On Sunday, Killer Mike retweeted a version of the mash-up on Twitter and remarked “This is amazing,” which ultimately lead to users asking the rapper to weigh in on the ongoing debate of whether it’s okay to punch a Nazi.