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Rapper and Fashion Icon is truly pushing the envelope these days and having everyone talking. The mastermind of so many concepts have jumped into the arena of controversy again with his dope new video entitled “Famous”.

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Happy Birthday North West!


With all this craziness in the world it is always nice to be directed towards the light in all this darkness. Who knew that Kanye West and his daughter, North West were both Gemeni’s with there birthday’s only a week or two apart. North is the big 3 years old today and her Mommy and Daddy wish her so much love with many more birthdays to come! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years, can you? Time is really flying!

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Kim Kardashian put up a video post of North West this morning and she was dazzling as usual. I think North is definitely a daddy’s girl because she takes after him in looks and with attitude. Kim definitely plays apart in her appearance as well as far as complexion but features is all Kanye.



Speaking of the parents of this princess I wonder what they have planned for North West today. I know she is usually always playing with her cousins, Courtney Kardashians children and they love princesses, like most little girls so it will probably have something to do with that category.


However, whatever you do today Northie, have fun and enjoy life! Happy 3rd Birthday, we love you!

New Engagement, New Baby, New Identity?


Last we checked in with the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian situation we were updated on her pregnancy status. Blac Chyna has shifted away from the typical BabyMomma title and decided not only the change her last name but her stage name too. I guess, Blac Chyna got the feeling that, “She’s older and wiser” and wants to do this relationship thing the right way. She has legally locked in her name as “Angela Renee Kardashian”. What do you all think of this?

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But, there is a catch as there always is, right? Blac Chyna told sources today that she is not fully letting go of “Blac Chyna” just yet. She has pride in that name and her reasoning of legally locking in that name was she didn’t want anyone claiming that legally. Also, it’s more professional for the business aspects of her life.


Blac Chyna wants all her ducks to be in line and this is an even better start to becoming part of the family. She says that her inspiration was derived from Kim Kardashian who trademarked her name “Kim Kardashian West”. I’m thinking of following in the same footsteps for when I blow up, who’s with me?

Alarm Clock!


Raise your hand if you hate being woken up out of your sleep. Okay, great. Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever been woken up by a loud noise outside? What about your children? Okay, now what about a live Orchestra? Yes, I said LIVE orchestra, that through you off, huh? Welp, it might have been a first for Kim Kardashian as well on this lovely mother’s day.

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I hope everyone went above and beyond for their mother’s today because Kanye sure outdid himself this go round. This morning Kanye West showed his romantic side by waking his beautiful wife up to a live Orchestra. What are your thoughts? I can only imagine how I would feel if it were me. I personally do not like classical music, but maybe that’s Kim’s thing. I mean it’s her husband, so he knows her better than anyone else, right?


We later found out from the videos that Kim shared the songs were actually catered to the kids, how cute! The musical selections were those of “Frozen” and “Annie”. I’m sure that was a pleasant surprise for little North West. Two points for Kanye he just continues to break records out here these days!

Is Kanye West Showing A Jealous Streak?


As we are all simmering down from the hype of the Met Gala and the outfits we saw, it seems that things have heated up with the best dressed Kardashian couple on the scene, that night. It’s has been reported that Kanye West fired his bodyguard because he was talking to his wife Kim Kardashian. Now, does this sound like something we think Kanye would do?

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Kanye isn’t the jealous type he is too certain of himself, right? Which is why he confronted the story saying that he did not even hire the guard. He was hired through Kanye’s security company. This man has worked for them before and I’m pretty sure the bodyguards talk to the celebrities all the time, so what makes this situation different?


Well Kanye, continues, saying that the man was only hired for a temporary job that night when they needed extra coverage, which was an understood agreement between the two parties. Kanye didn’t have a problem with him talking to Kim at all but after recent suspicions of him using this story for publicity, it might be his last time working for them forever!

What’s the lesson here? Never push your luck.


Ayesha Curry: She’s the REAL MVP!


The year was 2015 the date December 5, Ayesha Curry committed treason! She dared to voice her moralistic opinion on the way a woman should be “appropriately dressed” in public. Why did this make headlines? Why was this even considered a traitorous or ambiguous statement against womankind? I’ll tell you why, because the demographics of “feminist” has evolved.

Today, being a supporter of women’s equality means you have to be “open-minded” about the way women choose to conduct and “express” themselves. In other words don’t condemn a woman who dresses like this


Wait, sorry that’s not a dress and that’s not a woman; that’s actually Kanye’s wife!

In today’s “modern world Ayesha Curry is an anomaly and so are her views about what should be sacred for your husband, that’s right Husband, not boyfriend, or boo thing! It’s no longer considered moralistic to feel naked when you’re not wearing any clothes in PUBLIC, instead it’s viewed as a form of “expression” and all about a woman being “comfortable” in her own skin. Le sigh….

Ayesha is a full proponent for women respecting themselves in a manner that’s also respectful of others, to suggest that she is a feminist or a “slut shamer” is ludicrous, but to brand her as an anomaly should be shameful to ALL women. There should be no debate on whether being nude in public is distasteful, it’s just plain wrong, especially if you are a role model to or for younger girls!

She makes being a woman look so easy, but i bet that’s because she has a man that supports her and treats her like the Queen she portrays herself to be. Her husband maybe a bigger celebrity than she is, but when it comes to keeping it all together he gives the credit to God and to her.


In a world where politicians are trying to “Make America Great Again” by antagonizing minorities and encouraging hate and segregation, where women are devaluing each other, “hip-hopping in the name of love” we need more women like Ayesha Curry who can stand in a kitchen all prim and proper and show how us how revenge to haters is best served!