Queen Latifah Reveals Secret “Behind The Scenes” Grammy Footage

Artistically Abstract Jan 28 14 0 Comments


Today Episode of “The Queen Latifah Show,” the talk show host takes viewers behind the scenes of her historic Grammy moment Sunday night. Get the insider on Queen Latifah’s personal milestone below.

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[Update]: T.I. & Tiny Back Together.

Artistically Abstract Jan 28 14 9 Comments


After taking time to think about it, the couple has decided NOT to part ways just yet. Shekinah just confirmed that unfortunately so many crazy rumors have been going out all over the internet. Shekinah’s [Tiny's best friend] would never want her best friend to go through foolishness.

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Cassie Designs Streetwear Collection For ‘Young & Restless’

Artistically Abstract Jan 23 14 1 Comment


CASSIE is on it! She has a new title and checks rolling in left and right!

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Video: Did You Know Ne-Yo WAS Married?!

Contributing Writer Feb 28 13 2 Comments

Did you know Ne-Yo was married before? He was out in LA at Supperclub and admits to the random fact. Check out the video inside. Read More »

Video: Chris Brown Isn’t Scared Of LA Man

Contributing Writer Feb 17 13 0 Comments

Chris Brown is not fazed whatsoever with the man who claimed to be a gang member who verbally attacked Brown outside of the club. The man got VERY close to Brown and his car as he left a Hollywood nightclub and was screaming at him.   Read More »

Video: Chris Brown Gets Threatened & Harrassed In Downtown LA

Contributing Writer Feb 14 13 4 Comments

Chris Brown never seems to be out of the spotlight BUT this time it wasn’t him. A heckler who was VERY aggressive came very close to Brown’s car and started yelling profanity tow him. See video inside.

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Photos: Drake Surprises Tatyana Ali For Birthday In LA

Contributing Writer Jan 31 13 4 Comments

Tatyana Ali, actress and singer, is a HUGE fan of Drake and was more than shocked when the Toronto rapper showed up at her birthday party in LA. Drake even brought her some gifts. Details inside. Read More »

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean In Alleged Fight Outside LA Studio

Contributing Writer Jan 28 13 0 Comments

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were allegedly involved in a fight last night. Brown claims Ocean started the argument. Check inside for more details. 

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Video: Nicki Minaj Gets Greedy At LA Restaurant

Contributing Writer Jan 16 13 0 Comments


Nicki Minaj was out to dinner at Boa last night in LA and the restaurant didn’t have A1 Steak sauce. What did she do about it?

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