Ready or Not, Here She Comes: Lauryn Hill @ Tabernacle Feb. 17th

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If you’re in the know, you know that Lauryn Hill was set to perform this coming Thursday at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. Looks like those hoping to bring in Valentine’s day a little early with the former Fugees member star will have to a wait a few more days.

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Lauryn Hill Tour Postpones, Adds New Concert Dates

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lauryn-hill-postpones-adds-concert-dates21Lauryn Hill is making some changes to her “Homecoming” tour.  This week the singer’s first tour since leaving prison for tax evasion was supposed to make stops in New Jersey and New York, but Hill has rescheduled the dates for next year.  Read More »

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Lauryn Hill Plans Fall 2013 Tour

PrettyWriter1 Oct 7 13 3 Comments


Lauryn Hill is fresh out of jail and ready to get back to work or a way to get out of 3-months of home detention.

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Lauryn Hill Released From Prison

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Great news the singer Lauryn Hill is out of prison.

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Kelis Pays off Tax Debt

CinnamonStiXXX Sep 23 13 0 Comments

These stars just won’t learn! You earn money, you report it to the government, and then you pay taxes on said earnings. If you don’t, you go to JAIL! Insert Fat Joe, Ron Isley, Lauryn Hill, etc. Kelis just paid $400,000 towards her tax debt of almost $800,000. She satisfied her federal laibility, but still owes New York and California.

She might want to handle this sooner rather than later before she’s bringing milkshakes to the prison yard.

Lauryn Hill Writes Letter From Prison Thanking Fans

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originalLauryn Hill is reaching out to fans from behind bars. Earlier this month, the former Fugee began serving a three month prison sentence for tax evasion. Read More »

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UPDATE: Lauryn Hill Goes to Prison for Three Months

CinnamonStiXXX Jul 8 13 2 Comments

Lauryn Hill, of the Refugees, turned herself in to serve a three month, tax evasion prison sentence.  Hill arrived at the Federal Correction Institute in Danbury, Connecticut a little over an hour ago.


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Fat Joe Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion

Monique Baisden Jun 25 13 2 Comments


Rapper Fat Joe has been sentenced to prison for tax evasion.

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Lauryn Hill Blames Gays For Crumbling Society and Moves Out of House Without Paying Rent

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Lauryn Hill is in the news again for a song called “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)” because of its anti-gay undertones and she moves out of her house without paying her rent.

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