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Boosie Badazz stopped by Raq Rants and talked to us about today’s rap, if he wants more kids and responds to all the backlash he received for his comments about the gay community.


Lil Boosie Speaks!


We all know that the power of celebrity voices on serious social and racial issues in this country are important. The downside to that is that if celebrities are negative the people or fans who are influenced by that artist have negative feelings towards the relationship between the black community and the law enforcement.

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Lil Boosie basically has a pessimistic view on the progression of the black community violence and police brutality. Some people might categorize it as a “realistic” view but I would like to think otherwise.


Here is how I look at it, if we thought like with that entire pessimistic view we as a people would not have been as far as we are now. Again, I am not saying that we have come very very far because we definitely have a long way to go but we have made progress.


I know that we can get on the right track and be better as a people but we have to be willing to be better and we have to be educated. Education is just everything and I really can’t stress that enough!

Lil Boosies New Artist Alert Rapper Koly P




Koly P is a young inspired artists from Pompano Beach, Florida born and raised in Pompano. He has been rapping every since 2011 with his friend Dirty1000s were in a group called the KOLYLONS which brought a lot of hype and street credit in Broward county and some Dade county areas.


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Lil Boosie was out spreading his wings in Florida at his sold out concert at the Aqua Nightclub & Lounge on March 19. Before Lil Boosie hit the stage his opener Kolyon, a fire rapper out of Pompano Beach Florida set the tempo for Lil Boosie to just flow right in. READ MORE


Last night I watched the most epic interaction since Puffy and Jermaine Dupri made it rain on the lovely ladies of Magic City. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Boosie, Birdman, and more came together to spend almost $100,000 in cold hard cash LAST NIGHT. Merry Christmas to the ladies over at Magic City.

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The homie Lil Boosie is home. And hip-hop and beyond is celebrating. In a news press conference held in NOLA yesterday, Bossie made some shocking admissions. Did you know he wrote over 1000 songs while in prison?


EVENT: #BoosieSpeaks Live ONLINE EVENT

Save the Date to watch Boosie Speak for the first time in years. The live stream will take place in New Orleans but you can catch it online by logging on here —->


I will be there to share the inside details. STAY TUNED!


The rapper known as Lil Boosie is not only out, but by the looks of it, he’s causing a serious hurting on somebody’s credit card.

Checkout the adorable video of his daughter below who’s a message for all you n*ggas!