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Veronica Vega

Veronica Vega from Love and Hip Hop Miami is a singer, dancer, and all-around performer who has her eyes on the prize and isn’t letting up until her dreams become a reality. She is signed to super producer Polow da Don and has new music coming out in February and March. This new season of Love and Hip Hop Miami tackles race and how Latinas often deal with the same intra-racial issues that African Americans do. Veronica has a great story, releasing new music in February, so kick back and watch our exclusive video of Veronica Vega!

Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Episode 10 (Season Finale)

Love & Hip Hop season 2 Finale aired last night on VH1.  If you didn’t know the show follows the lives, loves and careers of six women in the hip-hop music industry.


Season Finale Synopsis: Is Olivia finally on the path to success? Will Emily & Fab live happily ever after? Jim and Chrissy confront the inevitable: will they marry or split up? Can Kimbella move past her video vixen past and settle into a more classic role with her boyfriend Juelz Santana? And how exactly will Yandy re-position herself now that she’s dropped her number one client after 7 years.

Just so you know Vh1 is currently working on Love and hip hop’ Atlanta’ and ‘Miami‘, the shows producers do not know which city they will tape first. The shows producers are currently casting, but haven’t chosen the full cast from either city. The cast that’s completed  first, will be first to start taping. Word is Miami is looking like the winner!!!


Due to the feds action against Megaupload, the file sharing services are running scared and it is very hard to find links to the show. This is the only working link at the time, and it is slow. You have to let the video load totally, and then rewind to play. Here’s the show:  READ MORE