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Despite recent denials from both of their camps, sources say Sean “Diddy” Combs and Cameron Diaz may be hooking up.

One source tells “Us” magazine that Diddy has been Cameron’s on-again-off-again fling ever since he pursued her during Oscars week in 2008.

Another insider adds that the actress will “booty call” Diddy whenever she’s single.

The couple was reportedly seen with their hands all over each other at a New York restaurant last month, while just last week they were reportedly spotted making out during lunch in Beverly Hills.

There is one catch, however. Diddy is said to still be dating his model girlfriend Cassie. A friend of the rap mogul’s tells “Us” that Diddy is “single whenever there’s a better offer on the table.”

What ever the case is I think they would make a great couple what yall thinking?

Lloyd Gets No Love From Former Boss Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti and R&B crooner Lloyd were once a great duo musically but since his release from the record label things have gone sour between the two. Gotti signed Lloyd to his record label Murder Inc back in 2005 where Lloyd had top charting hits after top charting hits. Many were surprised when Lloyd decided to leave the record label after only giving them 2 albums and rumors started surfacing about beef between Lloyd and Irv. During a recent visit to MTV’s Rap Fix, Irv discusses severing ties with the singer and why they would never be cool again. READ MORE

Awwww shucks! Looks like my homegirl ATLien bagged her Bob Whitfield! I recently caught up with the NFL offensive tackle in a phone interview. He dishes about his old love (Shereé from Real Housewives of Atlanta), his new love (ATL of and where exactly all his money is!

Check out the video…but pay attention to the words: READ MORE

While there are tons of bloggers out here on the net, I wanted to take this time out of the day to recognize two bloggers who I respect: Angel Laws of Concrete Loop and Fred Mwangaguhunga of Mediatakeout.  Both of them are on opposite ends of the blogosphere but there are unique things about them that make them standout.


First off, I want to congratulate Angel on her new book! I went in Barnes & Nobles and spotted her book. I copped 5 copies; one for myself and the other four for close friends of mine who are aspiring bloggers. I love that Angel put out a book to share her journey of blogging and how others can do it too. I’m glad that she recognizes that there’s enough room for all us here on the net. Her book is just a reflection of the positive energy that she puts out into the world. If you haven’t already got your copy of “Angel’s Law Of Blogging” be sure to do so. Congratulations again Angel!

Secondly, I wanted to give my homie and mentor Fred Mwangaguhunga a shout out. He had triplets and working on some big things. Just so yall know Fred is the guy behind the worlds biggest African American blog His website gets millions of unique views everyday. His website is mainly known for his extreme and bizarre stories about celebrities and other random outlandish ish. Last month he sat down to give Shamika Sanders of the Urban Daily an interview (WHICH IS SUPER RARE!). Check out the video interview here: READ MORE

God has really been talking to me these past few weeks, and teaching me things that I will need to know for the rest of my life.  That being said, I ran across this video on Facebook and have to tell yall its crazy…I will give and give but I keep running into people that are nothing but negative balls of energy…and God always remove them out of my life. Its crazy how you think someone is your friend and then you find out they were only around to suck up all of your energy; then they move on and leave you lonely and lost. Well just so you know it wasn’t them that kicked you out of their life; it was God telling the Devil to move on. So the next time you want to be mad about the people he took, be thankful for the people he sent.  Here is video of Bishop T.D. Jakes from his 2008  New Years Annual Revival, From the message, “God’s Got You Covered”. Please support and purchase this dvd.

I know this video will help people out that are having issues. So be thankful God sent it!!!!

Please Watch The Video

Lil Girl Caught Parents Making Love

Here is video of a little girl who is explaining to her parents what she witnessed when she caught them having sex. Now the whole world knows that her dad screams like a girl. Maybe next time he’ll keep it down. Do you have sex while your kids are up or have you ever been caught?