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There is now a release date for Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa movie collaboration, “Mac and Devin Go To High School.” The film will arrive on DVD on July 3rd via Anchor Bay Entertainment. READ MORE

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Cover Rolling Out Magazine

We all love it when our favorite rappers team up together to make dope songs, but we really love it when they do a collaborative album. With some artists its done because the labels want it done and need to see the sales, while other artists are just musically intune with eachother. Thats the bond that Snoop and Wiz share. Basically they get so high that they end up on the same level.


Lol. Seriously though, the duo has teamed up with eachother to make an album and movie based purely on their love for marijuana and eachothers music.


Their film is titles Mac and Devin Go To High School as well as a soundtrack, which includes 13 songs. Rolling Out Magazine recently caught up with them while on tour and had a chance to discuss the story behind their new projects, their thoughts on the legalization of marijuana, where their inspiration comes from. Check out excerpts from the interview inside. READ MORE