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peeples-craig-robinson-kerry-washingtonTyler Perry’s 34th Street Films took one for the team and endorsed “Peeples”, a movie written and directed by Tina Chism. This ‘Tyler Perry Presents” film was not written or directed by Tyler Perry. ¬†Actually it was a very good movie. The weakest link in the film was Scandals (Scandalis), not dating black men, Black card revoked by the community actress Kerry Washington. A) She wasn’t funny B) she didn’t bring any humor to the movie and C) Did I mention she wasn’t funny? READ MORE

married-to-medicine-Toya-Bush-Harris-Fight-The-Jasmine-Brand.jpg-Well, it’s definitely not a secret that #TackyToya is known for being the Tackiest Messiest Wife on Bravo’s Married to Medicine. Good thing she Married Smart since that’s the only smart thing she has seemed to manage to do this early season. 1st her and Messy Marvin Eugene blab about Mariah’s daughter being adopted. Really? There was no better conversation two married people have to talk about??? Anyways maybe they should have been discussing the 5 reasons Toya’s Hairdresser needs to be fired. Let’s look at the clips

Mariah Carey Likes Doggy Style


Mariah Carey ran up a $38,000 tab with a veterinarian. Dr. Cindy Bressler who claims in the suit she says she provided “extraordinary services” for three of Mariah’s Jack Russell terriers … Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ. Bressler claims she’s only been paid $8,000 of the 38K bill. She running bills up like that and folks don’t have basic healthcare. What do you all think?- Courtney L.