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As various states move towards the legitimation of marijuana, professionals are noticing the addition of a specific illness that is connected with systematic use of the drug. Emergency rooms have been beholding an inflow of patients with the same symptoms, severe abdominal pain and intense vomiting , and this increase is especially high in certain states that have already decriminalized the use of marijuana.



Rapper Lil’ Wayne was kicked off a private jet for lighting a joint in the air!

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VIDEO: Suge Knight Knocks Out Employee at Pot Shop!


The big homie Suge Knight is back at it with his bully like antics and actions; he is caught on tape attacking and knocking his weed man the F out. This sounds like Friday 2014 but it’s not a joke it’s very real and it happened.

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Floyd Mayweather Wins Snoop A Pound Of Weed


Snoop Lion is still high off his fight night winnings… literally. READ MORE




Comedian Katt Williams is back in the red and blue lights once again as he was detained by the police after allegedly causing a disturbance in a Hollywood subways station.


Beyonce and Jay-Z’s superstar baby, “Blue Ivy” the youngest person in the world to have her own strain of marijuana named after her. TMZ learned, multiple weed dispensaries in Hollywood are cashing in on Ivy by selling a new strain of marijuana called “OG Blue Ivy.” I know Bee and Hova not gone like this!!!!

So far, none of the dispensaries have received any sort of legal notice from the couple.


In better news New York state health officials have dismissed complaints that non-famous people were mistreated and barred from seeing their babies at Lenox Hill Hospital. The hospital is still heading up its own investigation.



We are also hearing that The Carters bought a MEGA MANSION nearly 3 years ago in the Suburbs of NYC.



According to insiders at MTO, the new mansion underwent a $2Million Renovation. The new house has a STATE OF THE ART security system and a tennis court and a full basketball court.


They also made a separate GUEST HOUSE where Bey’s mom will live, when she comes to town.



As for their $10M 8,000 Sq ft. Tribeca apartment? MTO was told they’ll use it when their “in the city.”

Speaking of houses — Beyonce unloaded 3 direct oceanfront units combined to make a total of 5,520 square feet and two cabanas in the Green Diamond. Though she paid $2.395 million back in 2002 for all three units, purchased directly from the developer, she sold ’em all for $2.9 million, according to vice president of ONE Sotheby’s Realty. They stay getting money!!!

We also found out that Jay and Bey made a very large donation to Lenox Hill Hospital several months ago, which explains why the couple was given so much power during the birth of their daughter. The donation was said to be at least $100km.

Charges Against Wiz Khalifa Dropped In Marijuana Case

Rapper Wiz Khalifa had charges of drug trafficking from November dropped. Wiz was arrested by police right before getting on the stage at East Carolina University and charged with drug trafficking and released on $300,000 bond (see here). The charges were thrown out, it looks like the 2 ounces of weed found on Khalifa’s bus weren’t enough to be considered trafficking, you need about 10 lbs. for that. Also, three members of Khalifa’s crew staked claim to the stash, each having to pay a $1000 and court costs.

Should Khalifa have gone down for those two ounces or was he profiled?


(10/7/2010) Wiz Khalifa recently admitted that he spends about 10k a month on Mary Jane. I mean….thats either a lot of gonga, or expensive gonga. Actually, thats a combination of the two, and apparently on hell of a habit for Mr. Khalifa. The rising superstar has released footage of him on the Rock the Bells tour, and honestly, this guy remains high….all day long. Check out Wiz Khalifa below!!

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