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It seems like Kordell is moving along just fine. Close sources say that Kordell was spotted at church this past Sunday with his babymama Tania Richardson. The drama doesn’t end there either. Apparently, his babymama was supposed to be one of the original Real Housewives of Atlanta but she didn’t do it because of Kordell.  Plus, it was recently leaked that Porsha may have be an evangelist at one point in time. Get more details on this inside. READ MORE

Tina Turner To Walk Down The Aisle Again At 73


Diva Tina Turner is getting married again…at 73! True love really does wait. Find out to who inside. READ MORE

Michael Jordan Ready For Marriage


Michael Jordan is ready to start settling down. He has applied for a marriage certificate in the state of Florida. Jordan is prepping for his April 2013 wedding.  READ MORE

Tiny tells Rolling Out Magazine a lot of her secrets to how she keeps marriage spicy and interesting for her husband T.I…….


So it hasn’t been but a day or so since Deion was in court with Pilar about their pre-nuptial issues and yet he is already on to a brighter note. Earlier this week, there was a rumor about a marriage bug buzzing in the air around Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds.

Is Deion really ready to take it to the next level with Tracey? Will this create more stress for Pilar?

A Utah judge says it’s not enough that Gary Coleman and his ex-wife shared a roof after their divorce to award Shannon Price custody of the actor’s estate.


The judge says evidence does not prove Price’s claims that her relationship with Coleman met the state’s standards of common-law marriage.


Price is in a legal battle with Coleman’s longtime friend and business associate Anna Gray over the rights to his estate.


The dispute stems from several wills the former “Diff’rent Strokes” star drafted before his death in 2010.

A 2005 will names Gray as Coleman’s executor and heir.


But Price claims Coleman named her as his sole heir in a handwritten amendment he made to the will in 2007. Gray says Price’s claim to Coleman’s estate was voided by their divorce. She believes the judge’s ruling will clear the way for her to formally assume the role of executor of the estate.