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Police and fire rescue crews are on the scene after eight people were shot during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.

Wendy Williams is trying to get to that check. The talk show host is now about to become a movie producer and already set to film her first TV movie. Let me say this first, I am so pissed that one of my favorite morning shows, that I watch every morning, will be gone for the next 2 months on summer hiatus, and wont be back live with new shows until September… Damn damn damn… Now back to the story… READ MORE

Only 3 States Teach Civil Rights History?

When most people think of Civil Rights the only people that come to mind are Rosa Parks , Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King. Could this be because our school systems are “dumbing down” our education? Don’t African Americans have the right to be taught our history? READ MORE

With Hurricane Irene set to pummel the east coast, organizers of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial have decided to postpone the dedication ceremony that was to take place this weekend (see here). While the dates are not fixed yet, the plan is for it to be postponed until September or October. MLK Foundation CEO Harry Johnson had this to say:

“I remained optimistic all day, but Mother Nature is Mother Nature. I’m very disappointed and hurt, really. We all are.” READ MORE