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The YBF folks were hitting up events last night. Peep pics of Jourdan Dunn, LIONBABE, Raven Symone, Naomi Campbell and more inside….

Last night in London….


MC Hammer Owes $779,585 In Back Taxes!

Im sure legendary rapper MC Hammer–real name Stanley Burrell isn’t in much of a dancing mood after racking up a hefty amount in back taxes.

According to  TMZ,  Hammer’s most financially troubled years — 1996 and 1997 –  resulted in $779,585 in back taxes.

Uncle SAM has now filed a lawsuit against the rapper and his wife … to recoup its losses.


Guess what! They  aren’t wasting anytime either, Uncle Sam is already demanding any concert earnings Hammer makes be automatically redirected into the government’s pocket. READ MORE

MC Hammer says that he’s the true king of rap in his new video “Better Run Run”. Hammer tweeted earlier that he believes Jay-Z really is a Devil worshiper and wanted to expose him on Halloween night. The beef started when Jay-Z poked fun at Hammer saying:

“And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused / I lost $30 Mill so I spent another $30 ’cause unlike Hammer $30 Mill can’t hurt me” on Kanye’s track “So Appalled.”

MC Hammer responded by tweeting, “The answer to Jay comes on Oct 31 (Devils Nite)…I saw him coming…#kinghammer..” Here’s the video and pictures: READ MORE


(9/27/2010) As you can see, Mr. Pumps and a Bump” himself is not feelin’ Hov’s 30 Mil crack on “So Appalled“. I didn’t think good Christian men kept up with rap beef, Reverend Stan Burrell…Ha!  I think hammer might have picked the wrong one to battle this time. The two MC’s are at totally opposite ends of the “popular spectrum”. Public Service Announcement: Hammer, aint nobody checking for your ass. Everybody got a little Hammer reference nowadays. Drake even said “Blow all of this money, nigga Hammer time?”, so really, Hammer shouldn’t be suprised. Lyrics below from Jay Z…just in case you’re lost. SIDEBAR: I applaud MC Hammer for even knowing how to use Twitter… READ MORE