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joseline-love-and-hip-hop-atlanta-brawlJoseline Hernandez let loose lips send her into a fury that included weave pulling and Mike Tyson biting. Could the Puerto Rican Princess be getting the BOOT from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?
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Reliable sources say that Althea and Joseline Hernandez got into a brawl at the taping of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show! They were all the way turnt up and stopped taping. The Puerto Rican Princess has serious issues with Benzino’s fiancé Thi Thi. Can’t they all just get along? Will this interfere with the broMANCE between Stevie J and Benzino? So many questions? But let’s get right to it!

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My homies Mimi Faust and her man Nikko of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” sat down with V-103′s own Ryan Cameron and Wanda Smith to talk about their sex tape, their relationship, their issues with Stevie J, and all kinds of things related to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Last night Nikko and the love his life Mimi threw a private viewing party for their close friends. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season premiere introduces the scandalous sex tape. Things are going to be crazy for Mimi and Nikko.


Also Nikko has challenged Stevie J to a boxing match.

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I got an exclsive clip from VH1′s  season three of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” where Nikko shares with Mimi that the sex tape was stolen. That’s the story behind how the sex tape got out for all you freak a deeks who are hanging off shower rods.
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The big homie Nikko Smith has released his hot new single that shares his love for shower rods, and how he like to get his exhibitiionist on with Mimi Faust. He showers praise on Mimi’s freaky side, he throws darts at the homie Stevie J, and shares his openess for getting it anywhere. I had the opportunity to hear it at the sex tape release party; I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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My home girl Jasmine of The Jasmine Brand sat down with the homie Carlos King, executive producer over at the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Carlos is the mastermind behind our favorite reality show on Bravo featuring some of my favorite ladies. Season Six ended in an explosive bang with BFFs breaking up, fights, and stars losing their jobs. Want to know what the man behind the drama think about his amazing show. Check out the details below. READ MORE

Today is the day for everybody to get their peep on at Mimi Faust’s scandalous sex tape with her boyfriend Nikko. The tape has broken some amazing records. Did you know that this tape is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s sex tape?

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