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On Saturday, Founder/ CEO of Monami Entertainment ,Mona Scott-Young, hosted the annual Monami Holiday Celebration at the Newark Museum in New Jersey.See photos inside. READ MORE

Mona Scott-Young the executive producer of the newest reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta says she isn’t phased by the negative reviews. Check out full interview inside. READ MORE

Last night the second part of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show aired, and some of the unanswered questions are finally resolved. The show as always was filled with drama… Check out the full episode below:


Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Reunion Show Now Confirmed

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the Love and HipHop Atlanta Reunion. Even some rumors that there my not even be a reunion show at all but Mona Scott-Young is coming out with some information.

New information regarding Aaliyah’s upcoming posthumous album continues to surface this week. The latest detail comes from Missy Elliott’s longtime manager Mona Scott-Young, who says via press release that Elliott and fellow Aaliyah collaborator Timabaland won’t be participating in the new project. READ MORE

 The stars of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta have recently made their way to New York as reported by TheJasmineBrand. Cast members Joseline, Stevie J, K.Michelle and Scrappy, along with the shows  executive producer Mona Scott-Young kicked off their week in NYC at a press reception at Griffin in the Meatpacking District.
The private event was sponsored by Bartenura Wines and Ciroc, and also featured an episode screening along with a  Q&A session. Questions ranged from the status of Stevie J and Joseline’s relationship, to Scrappy not wanting to pay child support, along with K.Michelle’s music career. Reports are now saying that the  full cast is scheduled to tape their reunion show in NY. READ MORE

Sources reports It looks like there won’t be any reunion show for the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. TattleTailzz reports that because LHHA cast members can’t get along, Mona Scott Young is left with no choice but to conduct one on one interviews with each individual from the show – for the LHHA finale.

“There’s only four episodes left, and we’re not going to have a reunion show. The cast doesn’t get along. The boys hate the boys and the girls hate the girls.

Mona will do sit down interviews with each cast members, at separate times. None of the cast want to do a reunion show.”

A few days ago “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez tweeted that her new website,, had launched. Although the site is still under construction  she offered her fans her new song , “Bailar” for download.

Bailar is the Spanish verb for “To Dance.”


Hernandez was a special guest at Apache Cafe for “It’s SHOWtime $200 Open Mic,” hosted by Ms. Dia (WRFG 89.3FM) with DJ Grandman (July 19, 2012).


Ms. Joseline performed her newly released reggaeton single, “Bailar” with Fly DanToni  as VH1 was taped footage for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion.

Check out her performance below…

In a recent interview Stevie J said he might have made a few mistakes,  but he doesn’t feel Joseline aborting their child was wrong. According to the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star and producer, Hernandez “was not ready” to have a baby.