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Nicki Minaj Releases new single. A step closer to releasing her long-awaited fifth album. “Yikes” is Nicki Minaj’s first single of 2020.

Ethika knows how to play “The Game”

Ethika has now capitalized on the highly publicized marketing that “the Game” gave to them featured in his “Fineniggafriday” show! Everyone that knows me knows i’m always looking for an excuse to talk about Jayceon Taylor A.K.A “The Game”! So when i heard that he had signed on to make money-moves with underwear phenom Ethika i was uber excited so let me get to it!

If you don’t know what “Fineniggafriday” is allow me to introduce you to Game’s one man tease show! The platform is Instagram, the star is Game’s “Meatprint” and the audience is The world! Every Friday the Game would take a bathroom selfie wearing only his Ethika briefs with his very aroused elongated ‘meat’ in those briefs, men don’t roll your eyes and ladies breathe! So with all the attention that he received about his err’ junk’ Ethika went on ahead and did the genius thing and that’s made the call and told Game, “let’s make some paper”!




After a 500% increase in sales reported by TMZ, Ethika offered Game an opportunity to collaborate with them for a line of men’s briefs specifically for the rapper. It is being reported that sales from the underwear line will benefit Game’s own charity “The Robin Hood Project” and he will also be giving donations to a random homeless shelter.


For those of you that are not aware of his philanthropic side, you can follow his verified Instagram page @losangelesconfidential to see how the self-proclaimed modern day Robin Hood gives back to people across the world! In September (15) to promote the release of his anticipated album “The Documentary 2” (the red and blue album), Game promoted a little bit of extra hype by telling his Instagram followers to comment each day under his post #thedocumentary2keepthecitylit after which some lucky and random fan would receive $1,000. Where he was not able to personally deliver the funds he enlisted friends and family to get the money to the winners!




He may not be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, but im pretty sure he’s your woman’s favorite “Fineniggafriday” every day and its not hard to see why!

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Pour It Up, Pour It Up…..Watch It All Fall Down!!!



Juicy J To Fund $50K Twerking Scholarship


Twerking is officially America’s new favorite past time now that scholarships are being offered!

Juicy J tweeted that he would give a $50,000 scholarship to the nation’s best  twerker Wednesday night.


However, ladies, you may want to press pause on putting your best twerk moves together because soon after the tweet posted, he deleted it.

This leads us to believe that he really doesn’t have $50,ooo to give, he’s already found a winner, he figured out how bad this had room to get and decided to change his mind all together, or he was just trying to get a bit of free publicity for his upcoming album.

Maybe the rapper was feeling a little “trippy” when he originally tweeted, whatever the case the Memphis rapper’s Stay Trippy, drops Tuesday August 27.

Written by Danie Buchanan


The homie Chief Keef is in the news again; he has failed to pay child support. According to Chief Keef’s baby mama he’s a DEADBEAT that has not paid any child support but he walks around with stacks of cash in his pockets.

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa is suing party promoters It’s My Party, Inc. for cancelling a concert of his at the last minute. Find out what has the rapper so pissed that he’d sue for a million dollars. READ MORE