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Montell Jordan and Kelly Price Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

Yes it’s true Montell Jordan, Kelly Price, KeKe Wyatt, Lil G of Silk, Day 26 minus 2, Algebra,Black Nativity singers, Ms Sharon, Tim, Quinn of the Jukebox were just some of the names that sang the roof off the building at the Atlanta Mariott Buckhead Hotel & conference center for Q Parker’s annual caroling event. This event was created to pay homage to the Senior Citizens that reside at a Senior Citizens Home in the city of Buckhead.

Kristen & Montell Jordan, Que Parker & Sharlinda Parker, Que Parker Jr., Kelly Price and Montell Jordan’s 5yr old daughter (how cute is she) – Photo Credit Jonell Media PR

Oh what a joy Que Parker & his wonderful talented celebrity singing friends were able to bring to these Senior Citizens.Throughout the night Que Parker did give thanks to several organizations and people who made the night possible. He never forgets to thank those that constantly support he and his wife’s endeavors to create these amazing events for the brothers, for the single women, for couples and he saw what was missing; supporting the elderly and senior citizens who are not able to get around and do the things they did in younger years.

KeKe Wyatt #Shedidthat- Photo Credit Jonell Media PR

This was such a kind gesture and it was a great opportunity to support upcoming new groups like Glamour, who did a marvelous acapella singing a Christmas song dear to their heart. This was a group formerly introduced to us by Kandi Burruss. The two singers from Black Nativity made my big toe curl up in my boots! I can’t remember when I have ever heard sanging like that. Oh what a night. Check out the photo gallery and the video of the sanging is coming soon. Yes I know it’s sing but they were sanging last night!!!

Dora Whitley & hubby, Ray Lavendar! What up Ray!

Check out the photo gallery – video soon to follow!



The lovely Kandi Burruss was spotted in Atlanta last night serving as hostess for the advanced screening of ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ .
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Montell Jordan says he’s up to date on his taxes. The former R&B star tells TMZ that he’s paid the more than 600-thousand dollars he owes from 1999 to 2001. Last month, the IRS filed a Federal Tax Lien against the “This Is How We Do It” singer claiming they had yet to receive their money. Montell, however, says he paid the debt years ago by selling his music catalog. He explains that the money is currently frozen in an account administered by the U.S. Trustee Program. Jordan filed for bankruptcy in 2004, and is currently fighting some of the IRS penalties that he’s incurred. Montell says he expects his money to be released to the IRS in the next few weeks when he’s done negotiating over the penalties.

Check out Montell’s Throw back video “This Is How We Do It”…

Apparently the Singers and Rappers have all gotten together & formed an alliance that after they make it big they will all say to heck with property taxes! Added to the Lil Bow Wow, Wesley Snipes, etc etc list of not paying taxes is South Central LA’s own Montell Jordan according to our friends at TMZ. All the gang bangers forgetting about the drive-by isn’t nearly as bad as Montell Jordan forgetting to pay his taxes … to the tune of $627,987.06, this according to docs obtained by TMZ.

The “This Is How We Do It” star owes Uncle Sam back taxes for the years 1999-2001. According to the Federal Tax Lien filed against Jordan, the government first filed a lien against him in 2004 — but since he still hasn’t paid up, they refiled it last month. Can you say? What happened to the accountant?

The IRS is looking for their money ASAP and if they don’t get it, they can go after his property in court.

A rep for the singer tells TMZ the government has to get their groove on before they can get paid. Just kidding! That was some more TMZ humorsarcasmn.

Montell Jordan quits hip hop and becomes a pastor

(11/29/2010) Montell Jordan does not want to no longer be known in the hip hop world. He has traded his mic to become a pastor. All that will change after his final concert New Year’s Eve. After that, Jordan says he will only step foot on one stage, the dais of World Victory Church in Norcross. READ MORE