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Rihanna and Chris Brown’s former relationship continues to make headlines through Twitter. The pop superstar has lashed out at MTV Canada for reporting on a fake tweet that appeared on her Twitter account late last week. The tweet in question, which claimed to be written by Rihanna, said that she provoked Chris to assault her back in 2009. MTV Canada reported on the message, as did several other sites, prompting the singer to criticize the network in a profanity-filled tweet that has since been deleted. MTV Canada has defended their story, saying that they were just “reporting on a story that was posted on several sites,” adding that they “had no intention to be salacious.”

RiRi was photographed at LAX Airport yesterday. READ MORE

Snoop Dogg Presents Rap Idol?

Reality TV seems to be the way to go to re-vamp your career, Snoop is at it again. The New York Post reports Snoop is pitching a rap version of American Idol to different networks. Snoop said “I’m looking for a deal from a network to find America’s hottest ‘hood artists’,” the paper quoted Snoop Dogg as saying. Oxygen, Bravo and NBC aren’t interested, but E! and MTV are reportedly showing some interest, according to the Post. Now we know E! is responsible for the Kardashian shows so it could very well be a hit. Snoop says his dream panel of judges would include an old-school legend and Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s reps denied that the mogul had any involvement with the project. Now J, I think the world is ready to see you in a more personable role. So far, rapper Wiz Khalifa has shown interest in the idea, the paper reported. So tell me what you think, are you ready for “Rapper Idol”?

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Apparently the Jersey Shore cast members aren’t leaving the drama in the U.S! Now filming the fourth season of the hit reality show in Italy, there was reportedly a large fist fight between cast mates Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, with Ronnie allegedly beating up The Situation. DAMN! There are photos of both of the men with cuts and bruises. READ MORE

Nicki Minaj Release “SuperBass” Video

Dropping a brand new offering to her fans’ delight, Nicki Minaj has unveiled the music video for her single “Super Bass”. The new Minaj creation features the popular singer showing off her colorful ways with the footage being put together by director Sanaa Hamri.

Tweeting just ahead of her “Super Bass” release, Miss Minaj wrote:

“boom baboom boom boom baboom boom boom…he got dat super bass… boom baboom boom boom baboom boom boom…. yea dats dat super bass ;)”

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old singer spoke about the new project with MTV recently, as she told: READ MORE


That’s what I’m talking about girl power at its best. It is refreshing to see my girls sticking together and allowing one another to get their shine on egos aside. This is truly how we uplift and have longevity in this business. Always willing to help another. Nicki Minaj tell MTV in an interview that she is pushing the highly anticipated release of the video “Fly” which features Rihanna, for a few more months because Rihanna still has songs on her album she would like to get high volume radio play. So to not overshadow each other, Nicki will release her fun filled video entitled “SuperBass”.

Nicki Tell MTV:

I’m gonna hold off on the Rihanna video and the Rihanna single for a little bit longer, cause we both kind of dropped at the same time. So she has a lot of [songs] in rotation and I want to let her stuff have a moment and do its thing, dominate radio. [Instead], I wanted to do something a little more fun. The Rihanna video is a freaking epic movie. It will be out, trust me. Look for it around Memorial Day video.

Meanwhile, she is gearing up for the release of her next video, “Super Bass” which she says is her “most fun video”.

“I’m taking it back to a few things that I’ve done, it’s a lot more fun. It will be my most fun video and my most carefree video, lots of eye candy and lots of beefcakes.

2010 MTV VMAs The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


(9/13/2010) Lady Gaga didn’t even have to change clothes  to run the table at the Video Music Awards Sunday night. The fashion-and-dance chick scored statuettes in all five categories in which she was nominated, including Video of the Year for “Bad Romance.”  She is a beast.  Of course everyone is talking about MTV award show. Our girl, NecoleBitchie posted some pictures. What do you all think about Eva’s new hair color, Lady GaGa’s getup, etc.? The awards production is a beast. Let us know who you would vote for the good, the bad, the ugly.-  READ MORE


Nope this isn’t a pop up ad. This is truth. MTV is holding its search for a TJ (twitter jockey) and the benefits read like a high level corporate gig:  $100,000 salary, exclusive access to events, and unlimited opportunities to stunt on all the past haters/doubters in your life.  🙂


Jersey Shore Cast Wants MTV To Pay Them More Money

Jersey Shore Cast

The cast of Jersey Shore is negotiating with MTV for a second season of the hit show, but they won’t settle for what the network is offering! MTV reportedly offered each cast member a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode with 12 episodes scheduled for the next season. The entire cast rejected the first offer and demanded a higher payday. Well now MTV put a new offer on the table, but it appears it’s the final one! Supposedly they already have lined up replacements if the original Jersey Shore cast doesn’t accept their new offer of $10K an episode.

The cast had planned to stick together on the negotiations, but MTV has said they are willing to take the cast members that DO agree with the new negotiations and mix them with a new batch of guidos and guidettes if they don’t accept the offer by today.


Take the money, Snooki and company! You’d be stupid not to!

Without Jersey Shore your star will fade faster than it rose!