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It was a tough night on the court, but fans were still pumped about Lil Yachty’s halftime performance.  Yachty was recently named to the Forbes 2017 class of “30 Under 30” and has released a pair of mixtapes, including “Summer Songs 2” in July. Yachty states, “I grew up in Atlanta, so it’s very exciting to take the stage at Philips Arena, especially during a Hawks game, The Hawks are really connecting with a younger fan base, so I think collaborating with the team for a halftime performance is a natural fit for both of us.


Prodigal Son #humility

Lamar Odom has finished his time in rehab after a one-month stint, Us Weekly can affirm. The former NBA athlete, 37, was released from a San Diego, California, facility on Thursday, January 5. After only being out of rehab for a few hours, he says he’s already thinking about his next business move with a new reality TV show.



Michael Jordan is the latest celebrity of many to finally speak up and use their platform to address the issues that are currently plaguing our society: the unjustified shootings of African Americans and the killings of police officers.


NBA New Laws!


We just got word that NBA said that they will relocate the league’s 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte North Carolina because of their newly found law. Apparently this law does not represent nor support the minorities and the NBA is not happy about it.

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The law that has everyone so riled up is regarding the LGBT community. Following threats that were given towards the annual showcase event in North Carolina revoked the city’s protections for its LGBT community. Again, we don’t have the full story yet but we believe that the law had something to do with bathrooms.


The story is still developing but we all know that when it is developed it will be one for the books. The LGBT is one of the communities that are helping educate the public on sexuality and identity. We learn something new everyday and one major thing that we are learning is how to accommodate everyone without making anyone feel different or an outcast.


I hope whatever law that pushed NBA over the edge gets handled because as a nation we need to make strides toward becoming better humans of the earth.

The New Orleans Pelicans Fallen Angel


Unfortunately, just as people are brought into the world each day, people die each day as well. The news just came through with that Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot in the abdomen and died from the wounds. He was just signed to the New Orelean Pelicans in Januray with a 3 year contract and then they received the news earlier today that he passed away. How sad is that.

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More details explaining the actual particulars have yet to be released but everything is being investigated as we speak. This always bothers me when young men and young peoples lives in general are taken early. Again, we do not know what exactly happened but I honestly just hope he was not involved with any mess.


The team is greatly sadden by this news and hav just released a letter expressing their feelings and condolences to the family. I’m not sure if he had a family of his own or not as far as a wife and children but I know anyone who was close to him is feeling this terribly.


Bryce Dejean- Jones was another taken to soon, and we need to stop the violence please, it’s only leading to destruction of the human race!




NBA Legends from Left to Right… Dominique Wilkins, Gary Payton and Isaiah Thomas


NBA Star Lou Williams


 WNBA Atlanta Dream’s Angel Mccoughtry

The Dew NBA 3X Tournament is more than a basketball tournament, the events featured fan-friendly entertainment, including skills contests, celebrity appearances from personality India Love and Dew NBA 3X Ambassadors Dominique Wilkins, Lou Williams, just to name a few, and celebrity DJs, food trucks and more. Hall of Famer Gary Payton, a Dew NBA 3X Ambassador, appeared alongside local NBA players and legends, all of whom will interact with fans. As you can see, this weekend was filled with lots of NBA action packed fun !



The good people over at Mountain Dew and the NBA is presenting a dope event in the ATL for fans that enjoy the refreshing pop and the game of Basketball with its premiere of the DEW NBA 3X Tournament at Atlanta’s Prive.

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