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Shaquille O’ Neal the four-time NBA champion, three-time NBA Finals MVP, 15 time All Star, All-American at Louisiana State University, musical star, renaissance man and Nineteen years in the NBA’s league makes a very impressive resume for “The Big Guy” as he is often referred to by “Uncle Jerome”.  But there is a lot more to Shaquille O’Neal than basketball.

It seems like Gladys night wasn’t the only one on that midnight train to Georgia from the Soul Train awards. Spotted at the Gold Room Thursday night was a Very Tall Confident Shaquille O’Neal who was in town for a few reasons. #1 Visiting the set of TNT preparing for his new analyst job on TNT’s Inside The NBA, and #2 He was visiting Morehouse College for his one on one live taping of an interview with Kelly Wright from Fox News discussing his new book “Shaq Uncut”. READ MORE

FUNNY VIDEO: Drake Has Breath Issues??

WorldStarHipHop posted a funny video of rapper Drake while he was attending the NBA 2011 Playoff games. He is seen talking to a woman when he obviously realizes his breath might not be too safe for the conversation……Check out the hilarious video inside and look to see how Drake took care of his “situation”. READ MORE

Michael Jordan Fined $100,000!

Legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, has been fined $100, 000! Why has the superstar been fined so much? Apparently, Michael has been opening his mouth a little too much! Sources say the NBA is fining Michael for discussing the lockout and Andrew Bogut (an Australian player) with an Australian newspaper. There are rules set in place that prohibit owners and employees from discussing the lockout. Mike is majority-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Therefore, his ownership has put him in violation of the rules.  READ MORE

Former NBA Player Wanted For Murder

Former NBA player and Georgia Tech star, Javaris Crittenton, is wanted in the shooting death of a 23-year-old mother of four in Southwest Atlanta last week. The player allegedly shot the woman attempting to shoot at a person she was walking with. The mother, Jullian Jones, was shot in the leg and later died in surgery. The police believe the shooting was in retaliation for a robbery of his jewelry back in April and it is believed that he is somewhere in Los Angeles. The Atlanta Police are working with the FBI to apprehend him. READ MORE

It’s hard out here for everybody! With the NBA in a lockout, New Jersey Nets star Deron Williams has decided to play in Turkey during the lockout. While he has decided to come back to the NBA as soon as an agreement on a collective bargaining agreement is reached, Williams feels as though some other stars might just play basketball overseas long term.

What makes him feel like this? Collective bargaining agreements could leave superstar players like Kobe Bryant only making $11 million a year. With those kind of numbers, players could go over to Europe and make more money. If European teams could be sure to secure players like Lebron James, they’ll be more willing to cough up the dough. READ MORE

Lebron James Returns To Cleveland & Scores Big!


Tonight was like Game 7 in a finals game! Anticipation & suspense led all around the game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. All of this only because Lebron James was returning to Cleveland, a city that doesn’t have much (if any) love him at all. When Lebron entered the court, the Cleveland fans were in hysterics. They booed, chanted, and ranted. During the game, when Lebron took possession of the ball, they booed. Signs were plastered everywhere exemplifying their hate with words like “Whitless” and  “Traitor“. They were even t-shirts made displaying him at the “Lying King”. Despite all the steam in the room, Lebron James still had an astounding game and went on to finish with 38 points. I made a mental note to never piss off the city of Cleveland. You think Cleveland should simply get over Lebron’s decision? Catch the video of what James’ faced during the game on Kira’s Koncept!
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