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Neffe’s New Book Launch And The RHOA Attend Event

Neffeteria Pugh celebrated the release of her new book The Price I Paid, this weekend and a had a slew of her celebrity friends from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta join her.


The truth about the Derek J.,  “J Spot Hair Salon” shooting is out all over the streets of ATL. But what “most” news sources don’t know is, there’s way more to the story, than what is being told. UPdate coming soon…

The photo above is what Neffeteria hair looked like before all the problems… The homie Neffe is heart broken over all the bad press she’s been getting over the shooting. Neffe wanted people to know she had nothing to do with all the drama…

Neffeteria Pugh’s Publicist Phillip Hudson sent over the statement below:

Neffeteria Pugh also known as “Neffe”( from BET’s Hit Show Frankie and Neffe and Keyshia Cole’s “The Way it is”) is not responsible for the actions that took place at the J Spot salon in Buckhead, Georgia on Wednesday March 14, 2012. Neffe has been a client of the J Spot for years and stopped by to fix an underlying issue that she was having with her hair that recently done by another Atlanta hair stylist. Neffe expresses apologies to the J-Spot Hair Salon and the other stylists who were present during the incident and wants to make it notably clear that she had nothing to do with the shooting or the confrontation between the two feuding hair stylists.

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