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New Birth Missionary names successor to Bishop Eddie Long
Stephen A. Davis is taking over as pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Davis was announced as the successor to Bishop Eddie Long, who died Jan. 15, 2017, after a battle with cancer at the age of 63. READ MORE

In stunning and breaking news, Bishop Eddie Long has officially announced he will be stepping down from the pulpit of New Birth in Lithonia, GA.  In church today Bishop Long announced he will be  taking a leave of absense to “take time to heal with family”. This comes days after his wife revealed she has filed for divorce and after the 2010 allegations of the pastor having sexually relations with young men in his church. Check inside for more details of this story. READ MORE

Congregation Still Supports Bishop Eddie Long

New Birth church members reacted to the news that Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th accuser had been found with enduring support. Fox News 5 Atlanta recently stopped by the church after Wednesday Bible Study to interview parishioners regarding their opinions about the continuing scandal. READ MORE

Just last week we reported that an agreement was reached in the Eddie Long Trial. Well at yesterday’s service at New Birth, Bishop “:Curly Hair Don’t Care” was determined to put things behind him. According to New Birth members he got in the pulpit and refused to speak on the situation. Bishop Long you don’t think by not commenting shows that you are possibly “GUILTY.” Im Just Sayin!

Video Of Case

We will never know what happened. Stipulations surrounded the case, ensure all the parties involved a lifetime of disclosure. With that being said, Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will no longer serve as READ MORE

Y’all thought it was over with Eddie didn’t y’all? Well apparently, it might be soon. I just got breaking news that The Bishop of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has reportedly reached an agreement with the four men who claimed that Long coerced them into sexual relationships. The troubled pastor could only reach the settlement after some mandatory court-ordered mediation sessions. But apparently he’s off the hook, if at least for now. We probably won’t know the details until gag orders are lifted in ten years and the tell-all books come out.

What are y’alls thoughts about Eddie’s settlement? Let me know in the comments!

Another Day Another Lawsuit Filed Against New Birth

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is at the epicenter of another lawsuit, this one by  Tama Colson, a former employee who alleges she was the victim of sexual harassment,  sexual discrimination and retaliation. She said this male employee showed his “crowning jewels” to her. But she is a married woman and I wonder what her husband had to say or do? READ MORE