Carmen Bryan, Nas Baby Mama Calls Alicia Keys A ‘Homewrecker’ : On Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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After all this Kim Kardashian news, it’s time for Alicia Keys  ”Homewrecking Ways” to be called out. Nas‘ first daughter’s mom, Carmen Bryan, joined Twitter recently (@CarmenBryan) and started tweeting stuff that sparked controversy. A little about Carmen — I was told she’s  a “Boss B*tch” that don’t take no mess. She currently lives in Atlanta  and is very low key. I was also told Carmen is being looked at for “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”  Humm? I wonder?

Carmen, also wrote a steamy tell-all book about her relationship with Nas and several other celebrities including Jay-Z and Allen Iverson. In a series of tweets, Carmen wrote that she was starting a new club called BMC, abbreviated form of Baby Mama’s Club.

She also tweeted that the anthem of the club will be B.A.B.Y. by Fantasia. Then tweeted:

“Aww Camel wrote a letter to his daughter…Why didn’t he write one to his SON?”

“Just read Mashonda’s open letter to Alicia Keys… Read More »

Rick Ross Claims He Isn’t the Father of 3-year-old Boy: Wants A DNA Test

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Rick Ross is being sued for having a baby with a 36-year-old woman but not paying anything for the child support. However, the rapper recently denied being the father of the 3-year-old boy in Georgia.

According to sources, the paternity suit was filed in Broward County by Florida Department of Revenue on behalf of Tyrisha Childers. She claimed that Rick Ross had knocked her up years ago but hasn’t paid child support since.

The documents in the lawsuit says that Tyrisha Childers needs support for the baby stating that she doesn’t have any money in the bank.

As you’d expect, Rick Ross denied the allegation and claimed that he didn’t even sleep with her. He also wanted a DNA test to prove his words. Calls to both parties from TMZ were not returned.

What do you guys think? Could Rick Ross be her baby daddy?

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Swizz Beatz Proven Not the CEO of Megaupload: FBI isn’t After Him

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Hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz was recently said to be the new secret partner of one of the Internet’s most used file-sharing company, MegaUpload. However, recent reports showed that the news wasn’t true. Forbes reported that Swizz does not appear on any of the documents filed by the U.S. Department Of Justice and therefore FBI is not after him. Kim Dotcom was named as the owner of 68% of Megaupload. Read More »

CDC Releases List of Top 15 Cities with Highest Herpes Rate

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The CDC recently released the names of the top 15 cities across the United States that have the highest herpes rate. The center said that the top 5 cities from the list had 40% infection rate which was the result of sexually active young people in those cities.

Here’s a list of all 15 cities with highest herpes rate that was released by the Center for Disease Control: Read More »

Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada ‘Ebony Magazine’ : Why Chad knew Evelyn was The One

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Evelyn Lozada & her NFL player fiance Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson are one of six couples in ‘Ebony’ magazines Hot Couples 2012 feature. Evelyn & Chad along with Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, Eric Benet and his wife Manuela Testolini, T.I. and Tiny, Roland Martin and Jacquie Hood Martin and The Views own Sherri Shepherd with new husband TV writer Lamar Sally. These couples share their love story & how they make love work in the relationship. Chad and Evelyn have been together since 2010 and plan to marry the summer of 2012.

Why Chad knew Evelyn was The One: Read More »

PHOTOS Jay-Z Re-Opens 40/40 Club : Denies Story He’s No Longer Using B-Word

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It turns out Jay-Z isn’t necessarily cleaning up his song vocabulary after all.  The rap superstar tells the “New York Daily News” that recent reports about him dropping the inflammatory B-word from his lyrics are not true.  A poem said to be written by Jay recently appeared in “NME” proclaiming that the emcee was benching the B-word because he’s now a dad.  Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy Carter into the world on January 7th.  Jay-Z celebrated another one of his creations on Wednesday night with the reopening of his 40/40 Club in Manhattan.  Jay dropped ten-million dollars on renovations, which include 165-inch video screens and golden bats lining the walls. The rap superstar arrived in a Maybach shortly before 11 p.m. without his Queen B. “Congratulations!” a crowd of gawkers shouted as he headed down the red carpet. “Thank you!” he yelled back with a wave.

Beyonce was rumoured to be making an appearance with Jay last night, but stayed home with their newborn daughter instead. Also in attendance was Ashanti, Spike Lee, Wale and others.

Damaris Lewis
Jacob the Jeweller
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Mistakenly Deported Young Black Teen

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Jakadrien, a 14-year-old missing in 2010 has recently been deported to Colombia by mistake.


Reportedly, Jakadrien ran away from home in Dallas, TX after she had experienced stress due to the divorce of her parents and the death of her grandfather.


Her grandmother has been looking for her since the fall of 2010. Mrs. Turner, the grandmother said that once she got home daily she’d stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning to look for her granddaughter on Facebook and everywhere possible.

However, police investigation revealed that the girl was mistakenly deported to Colombia by U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement in April 2011. Read More »

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Black Church Given Ownership of an old KKK Building

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john kennedyA black church, New Beginnings Baptist Church, is the  owner of a building that was used as a KKK museum, “The Redneck Shop”.

It was a long legal battle. The interesting and also controversial end was ruled by a judge.  According to sources, the ownership of the building was given to Rev. David Kennedy in 1997 by a Klansman who was fighting with others inside the group.  The original ownership included  John Howard, a KKK grand dragon for the Carolinas.  Howard thought he would be able to legally operate his store inside the building for as long as he wanted.

After trying for years to have the property inspected, the Church finally took it to court back in 2008, three years prior to finally being ruled in their favor.

In this regard, Kennedy said that it has been a long time coming. “We knew we had done everything right. … The court knows that we have suffered,” he added. He also said that some of his congregation members are afraid to stand up for racial justice.  Kennedy said to have told them that it was part of their faith to endure.

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Watch T.I. & Tiny : The Family Hustle Episode 5: Big Boy Collapse

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Big Boy and T.I.

In a sneak peek into VH1′s new show with T.I. and Tiny, Big Boy was captured collapsing and having a seizure all in front of T.I.

In the dramatic video, we get to see Big Boy, who recently had  by-pass surgery causing him to lose over 250 pounds, collapse and have a seizure during T.I.’s visit to the radio station.  You can watch Tip and Tiny every Monday at 9/8c on VH1…. Read More »