Woman Arrested Caught Stealing Goods Claims She’s Rudy Huxtable

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I know I am wrong for this but I had to post it!!!! Police busted a 32-year old women in Utah for stealing stuff from a store, and pretending to be Rudy Huxtable from “The Cosby Show.” Read More »

Verizon Wireless Cancels its $2 Online Charge

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I heard about this and just wanted yall to know what was going on. Verizon wireless recently announced that they would charge its customers for a one-time online payments. However after pissing off millions of customers, the company has released another statement saying that the decision has been changed and customers won’t be charged.

The statement came just a day after its earlier announcement. In the statement, president and chief executive officer of Verizon Wireless, Dan Mead, said that the decision to withdraw the charge immediately came upon the customer feedback they began receiving as soon as the announcement was made. Read More »

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Security Cam Catches Woman Trying To Steal 20-Pound Case of Beer In Dress {Video)

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If you’ve ever wondered what would be possibly the best way to steal an entire case of beer from some departmental store without getting caught, we’ve got a wonderful teacher for you.  Just watch the woman in the video below hiding an entire case of 20 pound case of beer can….where? Let’s see.

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Nigerian Government Suing Rick Ross

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Rick Ross recently said no to a concert to be held in Nigeria. Although media stated that he’s not performing because of being sick, he argues that his health had nothing to do with canceling the concert.

The rapper said that he was supposed to appear on the annual Calabar Music Festival which would benefit The Destiny Child Center. But he didn’t appear because of ‘unfulfilled contractual obligations.’ Read More »

Man Sued For Stealing Twitter Followers From Company

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What do you usually do when leaving a company? Hand over company mobile phones or car keys? Well, you may have to hand over your twitter followers as well in the future. A mobile phone retailer company has sued an employee named Mr Kravitz for taking his Twitter follower with him as he leaves his job.

Kravitz reportedly was employed by Phonedog as a blogger who had gained 17,000 followers on twitter account under his name. The company has sued him claiming that each of the 17,000 followers is worth $2.50 a month as his follower list was equivalent to a list of customers the company has which is their property. Read More »

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Almost All Mobile Phones are Vulnerable to New Hacker Attacks

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According to a source, all GSM-network (Smart phone)  phones are vulnerable to a new hacking attempt that remotely lets hackers make calls and send text messages from your mobile phone.

The GSM is the normal mobile phone network that majority of people use today (as opposed to CDMA). 80 percent of the global mobile market is covered by GSM network. But the security strength of this network dates back to 1990 as a new threat is discovered and demonstrated by Karsten Nohl, head of Germany’s Security Research Labs. Read More »

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BREAKING NEWS: Cousins Found Dead Together Inside Trunk of Car in Detroit:

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A mothers worst nightmare was manifested in Detroit yesterday evening when two female cousins bodies were found in the trunk of a brand new Chrysler 300c.


Demesha Hunt & Renisha Landers were reported missing after going to a club on Detroit’s east side saturday evening.


A 16 year old boy discovered their bodies after growing suspicious of the seemingly brand new car being parked between two burned down houses & after a closer look he discovered the trunk open & the two bodies.

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Fake Doc Charged After Injecting “Fix-a-flat,” and “Super Glue” In Victim As a Butt Enhancement

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 This has to be the crazies story I have heard all day!!! Before you read it people please know there are things that you should never inject in your body like “fix-a-flat,” mineral oil, and “super glue,”…. LOL

Oneal Ron Harris is now in police custody after a woman came forward saying he injected her butt with Fix-A-Flat then sealed it with glue.

The news report:

Miami Gardens police believe there may be more people victimized by a fake doctor accused of conducting bizarre cosmetic surgeries that resulted in the hospitalization of at least one of his “patients.”

Cops say 30-year-old Oneal Ron Harris injected a substance consisting of cement, “fix-a-flat,” mineral oil, and “super glue,” into his victim as a butt enhancement and then sealed the incision with “super glue.” The injections resulted in what police called a “serious medical condition,” requiring the victim to be hospitalized. Miami Gardens Police say Morris also performed a similar procedure on himself.

Oneal Ron Harris mugshot
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Oneal Ron Harris
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Diddy Donates To Boys And Girls Club Of Harlem And Saves Them From Closing

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Diddy is no stranger to giving back to the community. He demonstrated this once again recently with his donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem. His donation was right on time too as the facility was facing the possibility of having to close down. It’s makes sense that Diddy decided to give money to the organization being that he grew up in Harlem. Check the inside to find out what the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem had to say about the donation. Read More »