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The people over at got some footage of NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens being accosted by an enraged fan in Miami! The footage doesn’t show exactly why the fan was so angry, but you can hear fans supporting TO in the background. Whatever it was, the “fan” is calling TO a B$#$^ and then goes into the N-word and doesn’t seem to back off. Luckily TO keeps his cool and doesn’t spaz on dude. While some real fans are able to get a picture in, the woman whose friend was  filming the incident is disappointed cause she couldn’t get a  pic with TO. The angry fan appears to have some kinda black in him, but was it really necessary to use the N-word? Let alone scream on TO. What do you think?

Check out the footage below: READ MORE


Football has always been King in Georgia and last night at the highly anticipated 2011 NFL Draft it was no different. Among the top NFL picks two are certified Georgia Boys and one became certified with his draft. The #1 pick, Cam Newton, is now an official North Carolina Panther but planted his roots at West Lake high school in College Park,GA.


The Fourth pick, A.J Green ,who happens to be the #1 wide receiver in the nation, found his fame as a UGA “bulldawg” and will now be tearing up the field as a Cincinati Bengal alongside the vocal and notorious Chad Ochocinco.


(11/17/2010) Richard Collier had made a promise to those close to him that he would stand for his July wedding, that he would remove the veil from his bride’s face and kiss her when pronounced man and wife. As he promised, he was standing, and his empty wheelchair was off to the side. READ MORE


The subject line sounds like a movie huh? Spotted at AOL Black Voices, Tom Sullivan use to be a NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles where he played for 6 years. In 2002, he died in a car accident. The six years Sullivan had with the NFL was just enough to be a part of the NFL pension plan which was being sent to his wife Barbara Sullivan. But Barbara has now found out, she wasn’t the only wife. READ MORE

Joey Porter caught driving drunk



Why in the hell can’t black NFL players stay out of trouble? Our sources said Joey Porter, a former linebacker for Miami Dolphins was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. Porter wasn’t hearing the California Highway Patrol officers when they asked him to provide his driver’s license. He refused and rolled up his window. The officer should have known better than to reach in a black man’s ride to unlock the door because Porter slapped the hell out of the officer’s hand. Porter and his homie were arrested in a fast food parking lot. I know they are going to come up with the worst charges ever. I wonder if this will affect his contract with the Arizona Cardinals? -Courtney L.

NFL’s Star Chris Henry Dies After Falling Off Truck


Bengals receiver Chris Henry died on Thursday after falling from a moving truck in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday, according to police. He was 26. The football player had apparently been involved in an argument with his fiancée at a home when she drove away in a pickup truck. Henry jumped onto the bed of the truck, but fell out of the vehicle about a half-mile away.


A police spokesperson said homicide detectives were assigned to the case, but that no charges have been filed. A seemingly perpetually troubled player, the hot-tempered Henry was arrested at various times for marijuana possession, gun possession and assault, earning him the epithet of “one-man crime wave” from a judge – and his ouster from the Cincinnati Bengals in 2008. But after the Bengals’ owner gave Henry a second chance, the athlete seemed to have straightened out, staying out of trouble and focusing his off time on his fiancée and the three children they were raising. READ MORE