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NBA’s Nick Young Slams High School Coach Lawsuit

Nick Young is firing back at his high school basketball coach who is suing him for $700k in allegedly unpaid commissions related to his NBA checks and endorsement deals. He is demanding the court throw out the case and not award the man any money.


The celebrity burglary stint continues this time, they struck the L.A. home of Lakers star Nick Young and made off with $500k in cash and jewelry after taking his entire safe!


Feel No Ways!


Iggy Azalea was caught in the airport by paparazzi at the Australian airport saying that she has no words but only body language for the entire situation with Nick Young! So incase you all were not aware the person that Nick cheated on Azalea with was his baby mama, Keonna Green. See this right here is why I need to be in relations with someone who is childrenless and responsible. You feel me?

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The fact that you have the BALLS to bring another female in the house that we publicly call ours is absurd. Then on top of that the female is one that you are not only physically attracted too but also emotionally? And then to top it all off you get her pregnant with yours and hers second child together like you’re not in a relationship.


I just don’t get it. Nick’s baby mom is 22 weeks pregnant. Keonna apparently leaked news to US Weekly about her secret affair with Nick. She says they started hooking up in September which was 3 months after he proposed to Iggy.

In this case, Iggy definitely has a reason to be mad. However, I personally think all three of these individuals are jokes soo…

Life goes on!

I Caught Him Cheating!


You remember the story that I wrote not to long ago on Iggy Azalea and Nick Young, right? Yes, well there is more to know because, last I checked they broke up because she just speculated that he was cheating. Well, it is now out that she actually caught him on tape cheating and this is why she claims to have good reason for not trusting him.

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Iggy tweeted again as she always does about her relationship letting people know why she broke up with him and how finding out that he cheated affected her. Here’s the thing, I do not diminish anyone’s feelings of heartbreaks because I know for a fact that it is the worst feeling in the world to have. However, I do question the extent in which all this occurred.


Iggy went on to say that she doesn’t even know who she fell in love with and so on which could be true but I want to know if there were any signs that she ignored perhaps?


Also, she is supposedly a musical artist correct? So why doesn’t she cope or use this set back as ammunition to make some more music. I mean literally every time we hear Iggy’s name now it is attached to Nick’s and their “relationship”. I feel as though she’s losing the entire reason for even being in the public eye. Don’t you think? Or am I thinking to in depth?

Men’s Fashion Week In Paris!


Guess who? Yes, it was Men’s Fashion Week recently in Paris and yes the best of the best chocolate men were in attendance the main one being A$AP Rocky! You all knew, so please don’t look surprised because again this man has been fashionable since day one, very confident!


Is The Engagement The Only Thing That Is Off?



They’re back folks, with their business, again all in the media like someone cares. Nick Young and Iggy Azalea have announced that they are done, the engagement is off and they are going their separate ways. But there’s a catch, as there always is, everyone thought that Iggy was kicking Nick out but sources say, including Iggy, that she will be the one moving out! Well ain’t that nothing!


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