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biggie with crwonAll Hip Hop is reporting that New York is not paying proper respect to Hip Hop Icon Notorious B.I.G.  Lucy Koteen, a member of the Brooklyn Community Board No. 2 stated that the Notorious B.I.G. did not lead a role model life to warrant such an honor:

He started selling drugs at 12, he was a school dropout at 17, he was arrested for drugs and weapons charge, he was arrested for parole violations, he was arrested in North Carolina for crack cocaine, in 1996 he was again arrested for assault, he had a violent death and physically the man is not exactly a role model for youth,” she said. “I don’t see how this guy was a role model and frankly it offends me.

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The big homie is Rick Ross is opening up about his shooting incident while sampling Biggie.

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In “what the hell news?” Clayton Armstrong Hill the individual who claimed he played a part in BIGGIE’s murder escaped prison and he’s out on the loose. What is really going on?

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The Notorious B.I.G. will live on in a new animated series featuring his children — C.J. and T’yanna.  Ossian Media will produce “House of Wallace,” which revolves around C.J. and T’yanna’s efforts to keep Biggie’s Brooklyn recording studio open in the face of various hardships that arise after the rapper’s death.  READ MORE

Christopher George Latore Wallace, a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G., will be recognized in the next issue of XXL magazine. This year marks 15 years since the rapper was brutally murdered. BlackCelebKids reports in addition to honoring Notorious, XXL will also reflect on the headway that hip-hop made in the year 1997. According to many experts in the music industry 1997 was by far the most successful year within the hip-hop arena. The magazine will explore the progresses and failures of the industry during this time through an essay.

Biggie’s daughter – T’yanna and her mother–Jan, spoke to the hosts of NYC’s–Hot 97 to talk about the Hip-Hop legend, as March 9th will mark the 15th anniversary of his death.

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Former girlfriend of the Notorious B.I.G, Charli Baltimore said in a recent interview with Power 105.1 that she never watched the 2009 movie, Notorious. The feature-film tells the life story of Biggie featuring two of his leading ladies, ex-wife Faith Evans and Bonnie to his Clyde, Lil’ Kim.

After the movie was released, Kim expressed her disappointment publicly about how she was portrayed in the film.


But Biggie’s Baltimore  lover  was barley in the movie at all and she didn’t even watch the film.



She said that Voletta Wallace didn’t know her son enough to create a feature-film based on his life story.

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Fresh out the video studio, my girl Monica has just released her newest video for Anything (To Find You) featuring Rick Ross. Set in a warehouse, the vibe of the video is classic 90’s, from the dancers to the beat to the big chains. Monica does it big with this video and takes us back to a time when R&B was R&B, if you get what I’m saying!

Lil Kim is on the original track, but Biggie’s mother wasn’t feelin that, so she’s been scrubbed and we get Missy’s vocals but no Missy, who is battling Graves’ Disease (see here).

Monica’s album New Life will drop November 8th (see here)

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The Outlawz Say They Smoked Tupac’s Ashes {Video}

The Outlawz say they decided to light up the late Tupac Shakur shortly after his passing. In a video posted on VLADTV, group members say they rolled up some of the rapper’s ashes with marijuana and smoked him.

The Outlawz say they were paying tribute to the rap icon with a beach party when they decided that mixing his cremains with weed would be an appropriate tribute. The group claims Tupac’s mom was with them when they inhaled. They add Tupac himself inspired the idea with the lyrics from one of his songs.

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