Chris Brown Back On Twitter And Nude Rihanna

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Chris Brown returned to Twitter everyone!! We knew he couldn’t stay away for that long. He disappeared after a beef with comedian, Jenny Johnson. He also is posting pics on Instagram with Rihanna (surprise, surprise.) Rihanna launches her Nude fragrance at Macy’s. Check out all details inside. Read More »

Rihanna Goes Nude For New Fragrance

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In the mist of all the Chris Brown love fest, Rihanna has announced her 3rd fragrance. The fragrance new ad was tweeted by the pop star and it’s called, Nude. Read More »

Idris Elba Posts Semi Naked Photo On Twitter

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It’s the wee hours of the morning and I guess even celebs get that “feeling”. Actor Idris Elba twit pic’ed this photo less than an hour ago on twitter. I’m not sure if he intended to send this picture to twitter judging by his next tweet that stated:

Maybe the picture was supposed to serve as a late night special to his boo. Regardless, fans have the picture now and the ladies have been going crazy over this pic! I wonder if he’s going to try to say that someone “hacked” into his account.  What do you think of the photo? Do you think he meant to send it to twitter?

Naomi Campbell Nude Artistic Photo Shoot, But Was She Really Doing PlayBoy

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Being a photographer I have to say at times I must question if the photo I am taking is really art or adult film.  Naomi Campbell recently took everything off (she always does ) for a shoot, but after the shoot asked the question to one of her friends,

“Do you feel  the photos I  took was art, or p*rn?”

What ever the case my be she looks good…

Click here to see all the pic’s {Not Safe For Work}

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