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La La Welcomes Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries To NYC

Last night La La welcomed one of her close gal pals, Kim Kardashian, and her new hubby to NYC. The party which was called A Night of Style & Glamour was held at Capitale Ballroom which is located in a historic part of New York.  The party was held to honor Kim’s big move to New York. Kim looked dazzling as always.  However, La La changed her look up a little bit though. She sported a feminine tuxedo that showed off her curves while still keeping true to the classic look. READ MORE

Beyonce Sells Out In 22 Seconds

Tickets for “4 Intimate Nights With Beyonce” at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC went on sale today. The tickets for the first show sold out in 22 seconds!!

Beyonce will be performing all of the songs from 4 to a standing room only audience.

I have to give it up to B, she just did it big. She’s definitely the hardest working woman in the business and it shows.


Ciara is known for her killer body and her performance last night at her performance in her Station Invasion Concert Tour. She performed several of her hits such as  Goodies, Promise, and Gimmie Dat. Cici rocked the crowd with DJ Skribble  in an all white ensemble that included creme colored belts. She wooed the New York City crowd saying, ” New York I never had nobody do me like you”. READ MORE

Rihanna Has A Day Off In NYC

Rihanna took a day off in NYC and looked super casual doing it. This look was a bit different from the usual sexy attire she dons.

This is the same hat she was pictured in the other day when she was grabbing her mom’s boob. Seems like it’s a favorite of Riri’s lately.

I guess this is how you kick it on your day off. It doesn’t matter what you put on as long as your relaxed and Rihanna looks to be doing just that.

If I didn’t know any better, I would venture to say she was posing. For what? Who knows. While Rihanna took the day off in NYC, her next concert dates are going to be in Philadelphia in tonight and Boston tomorrow. How do you feel about Rihanna’s mix match, casual outfit? Would you wear this out?

Spotted @TheYBF

Lamar Odom Has A Car Accident In NYC

According to sources, Lamar Odom was in Queens, NY  for his cousin’s funeral this week. This is the same reason why his wife Khloe was unable to participate in R&B singer Monica’s wedding. Khloe was then replaced with Koby Bryant’s wife, Vanessa. Meanwhile, this past Thursday, Odom was in a car wreck! Lamar was NOT driving but instead was being driven by a car service while on his way to a barbershop in his old neighborhood.

The car hit a motorcyclist along with a 15 year old boy and left both of them seriously injured. The motorcyclist and the 15 year old pedestrian are currently being treated at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. READ MORE

PETA Puts Dead Bodies On The Streets Of NYC


NYC sure got an eyeful this week (July 28), when PETA pulled another one of their ridiculous stunts in Times Square. This time around models and mannequins were covered in fake blood, wrapped in saran wrap, and left on the sidewalk. Real classy PETA…

I hate to ride Ed Lover, but PETA…C’mon SON! It’s never this serious. The US is in multiple wars, folks are jobless, and instead of making a fuss about that which matters, PETA wants to tell us once again that MEAT IS MURDER. I’m a vegetarian, but this makes me want to eat a burger for the hell of it…get a life PETA! Now would this really cause you to stop eating meat?? Click Here To See More Pic’s. READ MORE