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Obama Checks “African-American” On Census Form


In case you were curious how President Obama answered the question of his race on the 2010 Census form, the White House said he checked “African-American.” White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs told “USA Today” Obama did not hesitate, even though this year’s Census forms allow people to select more than one race for their ethnicity. The President is the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas and is the first member of a minority to occupy the Oval Office. President Obama spent the Easter holiday with his family. The First Family attended an historically black church in south east Washington, DC on Sunday. Here are some pic’s


President Obama: Healthcare Reform Not Dead


President Obama hosted two fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee in Washington Thursday evening. During the second event, Obama told Democrats not to give up on healthcare reform just because the pundits are critical of it. He said the same people who are now asking what happened to the Obama Generation are the same people who said he didn’t stand a chance of being elected President. Obama said those who believed in his campaign for President didn’t listen to critics then and his election proved millions of people want to see an America that’s living up to it’s values and ideals. He reminded his audience he won’t quit in his quest to see an America in which everyone has “a decent shot at life.”

Ok, so I guess some people think black folks can’t do anything!  The nerve of this dude to ever bring up race! He could of just said the State of the Union Address was good, add a little rhetoric, and let it go. You all watch the video and tell me what you think… Am I trippin? Or is Chris Matthew’s trippin?