UPDATE: Friend Confirms Kerry Washington is Pregnant

That Retail Chick Oct 30 13 1 Comment

Kerry Washington Pregnant 2Well Gladiators, looks like Olivia Pope is having a baby!  A friend of the Scandal actress Kerry Washington confirmed with UsWeekly that she is indeed pregnant!  Take a peek inside for the particulars on how far along she is!!! Read More »

Paula Deen Seeks Help from the REAL-LIFE Olivia Pope (Judy Smith)

PrettyWriter1 Jun 26 13 5 Comments


Paula Deen has hired D.C. crisis firm Smith & Co. you all know her as the real Olivia Pope & Associates. Paula ’s management team reached out to Smith & Co. after the N-WORD hit the fan and the butter mogul faced backlash and loss of sponsorship.

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Stacey Dash Tweets Paula Deen A Litte Encouragment and SUPPORT

PrettyWriter1 Jun 25 13 1 Comment


Stacey Dash in a show of support tweets Paula Deen a message on Twitter.

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Star Jones uses Judy Smith (The Real Life Olivia Pope) to Clean Up Messy Jobs

CinnamonStiXXX Jun 19 13 0 Comments


Judy Smith aka the real Olivia Pope was honored this week at a gala. Read More »

Scandal Season 2 Episode 21: The MOLE REVEALED!

PrettyWriter1 May 10 13 3 Comments


Wow, our mouths are still on the floor from last night’s episode of Scandal. We can’t believe that someone in Olivia’s CAMP helped the mole.

We were knocked out!

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