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Omarion Announces “Millennium Tour 2020”

B2K may have gave the fans what they wanted this year, but Omarion is taking the Millennium Tour brand into 2020 , with some of the same friends but minus B2k. 


Raz B of B2K joins Love &HipHop Hollywood



TMZ reports, Raz B, B2K member who has just caught a case for domestic assault, will also be joining the crew of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.


Omarion & Apryl Jones put their issues aside and got on their co-parenting duties to celebrate their daughter. A’mei’s first birthday.


Omarion drops new video “Distance” off the upcoming album “Reasons”

Happy Four Months A’mei!




The last post I made on this family I was pretty upset but this time I have some more joyful news to report. Omarion and Apryl’s daughter turned four months today! Not only is that exacting for the new parents but also for the public who are so in love with her!

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It is still shocking to me that the two are not together but I am so happy that they still make their kids feel loved unconditionally. I wonder how they will do birthday’s and things when the kids get really old?


It’s always interesting to know how their minds of people in the media work. I know their daughter now is too young to know what is going on but I think Megga could suspect something fishy. I want to know if there is a chance that they will get back together, honestly.


Apryl and Omarion now have a system I guess where they each take one child at a time (according to Snapchat) but I feel like Megga asks himself how come I never see daddy and mommy together when he is home? How come there’s no more family trips?

What are your thoughts?


Apryl Jones and Omarion Are Done????


I honestly can’t believe that my favorite celebrity couple is no more. According, to tweets on Apryl Jones page and a letter written on Omarion’s Instagram page the two have called it quits! I don’t know about you all, but if you are real and you know real love and good, genuine people when you see them then you feel my confusion with this particular break up.

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I just don’t understand how they are not together anymore, I’m in denial for them, it’s actually kind of crazy. Apryl had mentioned something on her snap earlier about growing apart from one another but that still seems so random to me as I’m sure it does to you all.


They were not just cute in pictures but I really even felt like from their personalities that they were definitely going to be together forever. They were even talking about marriage not to long ago, they just had precious A’mei and now this?


I am really heartbroken because I’m never the type to sit here and be miserable over people’s happiness hoping for their downfall. No, I was really rooting for them and all their personal decisions that they made as a couple!


I know that they are on good terms and that they did not have a bad fall out (which I expected from those two) but I want them to be together. I wonder if it was the distance?


But hey, I guess if they knew themselves and were respectful and mature enough to say they weren’t happy together anymore than how can I be mad at that? I love honest and open relationships, good luck to the beautiful souls and friendship that they both have.


I truly, truly love them both!


On July 3, MMG weekend concluded with an extravagant pool party hosted by the boss himself Rick Ross at his $5.8 million estate just south of Atlanta in Fayetteville, Georgia. The mansion, was once owned by boxer Evander Holyfield.

The estate features sits on 256 acres, and features an Olympic-sized swimming pool where guests partied. Hundreds of guests were treated to free MMG paraphernalia, barbecue, drinks, cigars, and more! We appreciate the hospitality the boss showed us and that we all had fun and hope there are more parties to come in the future !


Omarion & Apryl Jones Announce Pregnancy!

imageWell…it’s a girl! Congratulations are in order for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Omarion and Apryl Jones as the couple has announced that they are pregnant! READ MORE