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Omarion Finally Confirms His Bi-Sexuality

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For the longest, we’ve been hearing from credible sources-past lovers included- that Omarion goes both ways. Well the R&B singer has finally come out to the world as a proud, bisexual man. He seems to be sick of all the rumors that his attention-whoring ex-band members have been calling him out on and he wants to set the record straight.

Shout out to Charlagmagne tha God for finding this. Omarion confirmed his bisexuality in a press release today:


Omarion Owes Uncle Sam $110,585 In Unpaid Taxes

I bet Raz B is sitting somewhere laughing at the fact that Omarion owe’s Uncle Sam a lot of money. He was hit with a bill of $110,585 of unpaid taxes dating back to 2003. Looks like the tab has been stacking up for some time.

EURweb is reporting back in May, the IRS filed a $35,210 lien in Orange County against the R&B crooner, a $25,660 lien in October 2009, and a $49,715 filed in the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds in August of 2009. Omarion apparently failed to pay income taxes in READ MORE


Earlier this week, we at reported that Raz B had a number of words to say about Eddie Long, and other celebrities. Well, Omarion had something to say, being that the latter of the two alleged pedophiles are his people. Omarion went on the record saying Raz B was bipolar and needed help, prompting a somewhat bipolar phone call to Marques Houston. Now, thanks to footage from, a pissed and older Omarion had a few words for his former B2K partner…

Everyone knows who I am referreing to. I am not mentioniong his name. I won’t give him any shine. It’s about money. Like who are you? Come on man, get your life together. Why you always got to have an opinion about something.

But what really gets me is the look Omarion gave the camera at the end. I don’t know. The eyes say a lot. They are the windows to the soul. Looks like a little shame plus aggravation, like ‘why are you still bringing up old ish we tried to bury?’ . But shame from what? Hmmm. Maybe there is some validity to all this. Check out the video below!! READ MORE

Omarion Says Amber Rose Has No Class


R&B singer Omarion has taken a quick jab to the trachea of  Kanye West’s bisexual girlfriend Amber Rose. The former  B2K singer stated he’d never date a woman who went both ways, enjoying males and females, because they lack “class.” Is that right? I have never heard a man say such a thing. lol

I guess the idea of romancing a model type celebrity chic who has openly admitted to kissing women doesn’t appeal to the artist. I am willing to bet that idea sits well with many other men though.  READ MORE


Omarion recently had a concert where groupie love was in full effect. Artists can get away with virtually anything on stage nowadays, from groping and hunching, to getting groped, to all out french kissing strangers. The girl at Omarion’s concert got so carried away, she actually grabbed this man’s package. Omarion sounded off about Trey Songz stage antics though…but didn’t call any names.

I don’t know about those other artist, but I can’t be kissing everybody in the mouth. I’m just saying. You don’t know where they been.  You know who I am talking about…

Click below to watch Omarions video, and also check out Trey Songz slobbing down a fan at his New York concert. READ MORE

Omarion Refused To Celebrate Valentine’s Day?


While plenty of ladies may dream of former B2K frontman Omarion as their Valentine, they may never get their wish. It seems Omarion cites “spiritual reasons” for not celebrating Valentine’s Day or any other holiday.

“I actually don’t celebrate any of the holidays…it’s more a spiritual thing. I have to go with my conscience. I just decided not [to] involve myself in Pagan holidays.”