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Sales of Omarosa Book Increase After Trump Attacks

The tell-all memoir from Omarosa Manigault Newman topped The New York Times best seller list this week, spurred on by publicity surrounding her media blitz and President Trump’s attacks on the former White House aide.

Now looking clear why Donald Trump pretended not to know his Chief of Staff fired Omarosa because he and his family were clearly on a campaign to buy her silence or at least to hush her up and not talk trash.

Omarosa Manigault Newman is sticking to her word. On top of the release of her new book, Unhinged, the former White House Communications Director has also released recordings of Katrina Pierson and Lynne Patton discussing an alleged tape from Trump’s days on The Apprentice. According to Newman, Trump is heard on this alleged tape using the n-word. These new tapes allude to the narrative that Newman is unearthing the White House administration.

Former White House aide and reality television participant Omarosa Manigault Newman played a recording in a TV interview on Sunday of her dismissal and indicated she had other recordings from her time in the Trump administration.

Trump Ex-Aide Omarosa Reportedly Has Secret Recordings

When he was still running for president, Donald Trump promised he would bring only the “best people” into his administration, but one of those hires has now committed a “dramatic betrayal of trust,” per the Daily Beast, “[abandoning] years of professed loyalty to the president and … apparently [deciding] to profit off her years of closeness to Trump.”

michael-clarke-duncans-sister-claims-omarosa-wrongdoingA battle is brewing over the estate of actor Michael Clarke Duncan. According to TMZ, Michael’s sister, Judy Duncan, wants a lawyer to investigate changes made to Michael’s will in April 2012 that named Duncan’s fiancée reality TV star Omarosa Manigault as the primary beneficiary. Apparently, Judy doesn’t believe that the “Green Mile” actor was in an adequate mental state when the changes were made. She claims Michael’s health had already begun deteriorating and that he was slurring words. Judy reportedly first doubted Omarosa’s intents when Michael had a heart attack in July 2012. At that time Omarosa was supposedly worried about Michael’s money. READ MORE


BET held it’s annual Celebration of Gospel over the weekend. The celebration show was hosted by comedian Steve Harvey in Los Angeles at The Orpheum. This is the biggest urban/gospel show in the country. Many celebrities were in the building to celebrate.  READ MORE

“The Green Mile” actor Michael Clarke Duncan is still hospitalized after suffering a heart attack last Friday but doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery.


Keep him in your prayers…


The 325-pound actor went into full cardiac arrest before his girlfriend, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth of TV’s “Apprentice” fame, reportedly performed CPR to resuscitate him.


Sources tell TMZ Duncan has been on a respirator and sedated since he was admitted to the hospital.

It’s not yet known what his condition will be after he leaves the hospital but doctors believe Duncan’s “strong heartbeat” will help him recover. READ MORE