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R&B singer Frank Ocean has been a bit mute lately, leaving fans wondering when his new project Boys Don’t Cry will finally be released. But he has finally resurfaced, this time addressing the mass shooting in Orlando in a new letter penned on his personal Tumblr page.


Did This Mass Shooter Have An Accomplice?

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Authorities are working tirelessly to investigate the very, very unfortunate event that happened on Sunday. The police now have the shooter’s wife in custody, Noor Zahi Salman. This woman is actually crazy because she was definitely helping this killer of a husband plan the entire thing and never went to the authorities. The only thing that she keeps saying is she tried to talk him out of it.

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My thing is how do you claim to have tried to stop him when you voluntarily drove him around potential places for him to scope out with intentions of committing a heinous act against society? Yes, I said place(s) because there is new word that this man was also scoping out Disney World before he decided where he was going to do this at the nightclub Pulse.

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There were so many signs that this man was unstable and dangerous that it is unbelievable how he was able to carry this act out. He was previously on the terrorist list but was then removed after his alleged case was dropped. This is why he was apparently able to buy guns and explosives because he had no criminal record after that case was gone. A former coworker of his also claimed he was unstable and talked about killing people.

All this and still he was never admitted to a hospital, psych ward, or jail. This was a hate crime and I just don’t know what to say anymore besides the fact that WE NEED GUN REFORM!

Congress won’t care until someone comes in their houses and shoots up everyone that matter to them, right?

Well news flash, you can’t cure hate with hate only love and you can’t sole violence with violence only peace.

It should never even have to go that far. Take the signs and the tragedies that are occurring everyday as a wake up call because no one is safe at this point.

This is why we should care.

#PrayForOrlando #PrayForTheWorld #GunReform

Pray For The World!

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Here. We. Go. Again.

I know  that everyone has heard about the mass shooting that just happened in Orlando, Florida around 2:00am this morning. The shooting was carried out by 29 year old Omar Mateen, and is being categorized as a domestic terrorist attack by authorities. The authorities also report that 50 people are dead and 53 people are injured from that shooting alone. What is happening in the world?

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I will go back to my main point when I said that gun control and explosives control is OUT of control. Someone can get a gun as easily as buying an ice cream cone these days and many people see nothing wrong with it but then pretend to have so much concern when unfortunate events like this occur. President Barack Obama knows this but when he tried to do something about gun control, guess what party had an issue?Republicans, yes, the conservatives in congress would not budge. Why? Because they are scared of change, like the rest of the world still living in the 1950’s and 60’s.

It’s also funny (sarcastically) how Omar is automatically considered a terrorist because of his ethnicity which is Muslim. I am not justifying anything that this crazy man did obviously but I am saying that if he was white the assumption would be that he had a mental opposed to being a thug or terrorist as if that label makes him less of a threat because it is something he couldn’t control. Can we say: “Constantly playing the victim!”.

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Anyways,the man was killed by authorities and later pictures were found on his social media of him with in NYPD apparel, disturbing? surprising? or all the above?

Yup, the answer is definitely all the above!

We need to keep praying for this world because this hate is detrimental. Love is stronger than hate and we need to be the ones to put that into action.

Pray for Orlando, of course, but also for the world while making sure you are doing everything that you can for the good of humanity as an individual on this earth.

Devilish acts, thoughts could be happening right now as we breathe but so are positive and pleasant ones.

Which one are you?