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As the suspected cop-killer Markeith Loyd awaits a court appearance Wednesday morning, police said he made one one major mistake on the run that finally led officers to his whereabouts.



R&B singer Frank Ocean has been a bit mute lately, leaving fans wondering when his new project Boys Don’t Cry will finally be released. But he has finally resurfaced, this time addressing the mass shooting in Orlando in a new letter penned on his personal Tumblr page.


Two Year-Old Killed In Orlando!

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Orlando really seems to be a “deathly” place at the moment because we keep getting unfortunate report after unfortunate report regarding that area. Yesterday, in Orlando, Florida police were looking for a missing two year old, Lane Graves, who was apparently lured into the lagoon by an alligator that night.

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The beach resort that this family was staying at apparently has had problems with alligators before but neglected to warn this family about them. However, that is no excuse to have your two year old roaming the beach at night with no supervision. That is actually an extreme case of negligence that needs to be investigated as well.

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The police kept looking for the boy all night but honestly after a good 5  to 10 minutes if you can’t find your two year old in a lagoon filled with alligators there is only one solution to what obviously happened to him. The police finally found the body of the two year old today in the lagoon and the site was a sad one to witness.

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Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of this little boy because I can only imagine what is going through his parents head right now!

DJ Khaled’s Tour Bus Goes Up In Flames

DJ Khaled and his crew are lucky to be able to tweet about it but it was a close call Friday night when their tour bus burst into flames.  The rapper tweeted the news that he was forced to cancel his concert in Orlando, Florida after the bus caught fire and exploded on the side of a highway.  READ MORE

Marquis Daniel’s shut the city down! He had one of the biggest all white parties that the city has ever seen. Everyone who was anybody in Orlando was there to support Marquis. A ton of his NBA celebrities friends were in the building. I couldn’t get pictures with all of them though. You know how it is with these basketball players and photos. Sometimes they can’t take pictures.


Rajon Rondo took part in the kickball game as well as the all the white affair. Marquis and Rajon kept things spiffy with their all white.

Tony Allen and Lester Hudson and friends stopped to take a party that was hosted by Kelly Rowland. The event went down in the posh Mercedes Benz Star Lounge. Click Here To See Photos From The Celebrity Kickball Game

Chanita Foster and Kelly Rowland stop to take a picture. Check out Kelly’s shoe game. She sported a hot pair of Louboutin’s. The event was sponsored by the Q6 Foundation, Henry Promo, Monster Cable, Slam Magazine , Ciroc  and the V-firm PR. Check out the rest of the photos from the all white party below.


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