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Over the holiday weekend, Justin Bieber was involved in a scuffle with a photog/paparazzo. On Sunday, Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were leaving a movie theater (in Calabasas, CA), attempting to get into their car, when a photog attempted to take Justin’s photo. At this point, the details are vague, but we hear some type of altercation happened between Bieber and the photog. READ MORE

Miley Cyrus Fights Paparazzi Who Bumped Mom Tish


Miley might be pissed with her family but when it comes to protecting them she don’t take no mess. Miley Cyrus and mom Tish were enjoying a meal at California Chicken Cafe on Wednesday, with paparazzi stalking the outside of the dining establishment as usual. When they left, the paparazzi tried to get up close — and one went one step too far.

It’s hard to see exactly how hard they hit, but it’s clear that one photographer bumped into Tish, sending Miley into a rage. She chased him into a corner and unloaded a ranting defense of her mom’s honor, as the paparazzo tried, without success, to defend himself.

“Are you serious? You just hit my mom with your camera! You just ran into my mom with your camera. Don’t you ever do that again. You just almost hurt my mom. Don’t you ever even think about it!”

Here’s the fight. READ MORE

Beyonce & Her Fake Paparazzi Pic’s


Beyonce is all smiles as she goes out shopping in London, England on Tuesday (July 6). I have to say something doesn’t seem right about these pictures it seems as thought they were setup?  No security, or people to stop the crazy fans from taking pictures Hummmm????

Just so yall know Beyonce, Jay-Z and countless other white celebrities hire and tip off paparazzi all the time to take positive pictures so that their fans can feel like they are everyday people and give them what we call controlled press. All you other artist that act as though you can’t take pictures need to learn from the people on top how to stay relevant. Its all about the press press press…. Click here to see all the pic’s

La Toya Jackson been working hard to get to the money her mother gives her as fast as she can. La Toya was out shopping when she decided to call all of LA’s Paparazzi to come snap pictures of her shopping. When she sees them, she acts like she never knew they where coming…surprise.

She is currently working on her new album “Startin’ Over” which will be a up tempo dance feel good album. When released, it will be Jackson’s eleventh studio album. The release date had been rumored to be in December 2009, but has now been scrapped. Check out some pic’s of her…

Would ya’ll like to see Latoya come back to the music scene?

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