Paris Hilton & Nicki Minaj Hit Up Jay Z Concert : Blue Ivy Carter Commands Attention Backstage

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Paris Nicki Minaj Jay Z ConcertParis Hilton and Nicki Minaj hooked up at the Magna Carter World Tour .  Jay Z is on his west coast run and will be in Las Vegas by the end of the week.  In other news, Blue Ivy got all the attention backstage.  Check out a pic of Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter holding her Daddy’s leg and EVERYBODY is looking her way!   Read More »

Paris Hilton’s Brother Jumped In Miami Club : Lindsay Lohan Ordered Attack

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Barron Hilton Beat Up MiamiIsh got real in Miami this weekend!  Paris Hilton’s brother Barron Hilton got jumped in the club.  Barron claims that Lindsey Lohan had him beat up and he posted this picture of his bruises on hi instagram page.  Paris got gangsta and had some words for Lindsey!  See what Paris had to say inside!!   Read More »

Montana Fishburne is Anti-Porn Industry

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Montana Fishburne the daughter of iconic actor  Laurence Fishburne is on a campaign to educate women on the ills of pornography. Say WHAT?

Check it out below. Read More »

Paris Hilton Signs to Cash Money Records

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Paris Hilton is the newest member of the Cash Money Records family.

WHAT? Read More »

Celebrities Hacked & Finances Allegedly Exposed Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim K & More

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Twelve of the biggest celebrities are now victims of hacking. These big time celebs were hacked and private and sensitive material was released by the hacker including their financial detailed information. Law enforcement is on the case. See what celebs are victims inside. Read More »

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Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton Reunite in Miami?

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Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton former best friends turned enemies were spotted chatted and in the same night club in Miami.  Read More »

Video: Lil Wayne & Paris Hilton Duet ‘I Wanna Bang You’

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Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton are teaming up together on a new track. Check out the new unreleased unofficial track called, “I Wanna Bang You” inside. Read More »

Playboy Mansion Kandyland Event – Hugh Hefner Steps Out w/ New Girlfriend

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It doesn’t look like being left at the altar is stopping the eternal playboy, Hugh Hefner from showing off his new pride and joy, girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund (25), who is ironically Crystal Harris’s former besite. After the red carpet, the 85-year old mogul and his 60 year junior girlfriend partied the night away with celebs, playmates and party-goers alike. Newly single Paris Hilton was enjoying the single life as she stopped by the 6th Annual Kandyland event at The Playboy Mansion looking flirty as ever!

The sexy reality star arrived in-tow with numerous girl friends, all dressed to kill and exemplifying the candy theme. A shy but handsome Alex Pettyfor quickly ducked into the party after taking photos on the carpet. It was overheard that after his step-and-repeat photos were taken he said to his buddies, “My publicist is going to kill me for taking those.” Though General Hospital actress, Kelly Monaco has stated she has a boyfriend, she held on tight next to forever-hottie Shane West on the red carpet. The two were spotted arriving together, and keeping close to one another during the party. Are they so brave as to take this flirty friendship out to the Mansion? Amber Rose and Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon became fast friends on the red carpet.

The twins squealed, “Amber, we love you!” Kristina and Karissa were also spotted befriending DJ Paul and Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, spending hours together on the comfy VIP couches. Craig Robinson from The Office had no trouble bucking those 9-to-5 blues and cozying up with the hottest Playmates the party had to offer. Nick Simmons’ parents’ divorce didn’t seem to keep him from the partying spirit. Infamous beat-master Paul Oakenfeld pumped dance tracks until after 2:00am – good thing Hugh doesn’t have to worry about the neighbors.

Paris Hilton Suing Over Book’s Racism Claim

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Paris Hilton, a socialite who is infamous for living it up with media moguls such as LBC’s native, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Luda and 50 Cent, is taking legal action against an author whose book suggests she is a racist. Earlier this week the everyone was incredulous and disappointed to find out that Paris Hilton Hated black men, this being so surprising because every time we see her out partying, she is with our people. I mean duh who wouldn’t be, black people are infamous for throwing the best parties and having a good time. Read More »