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Rihanna and Neymar hang out in Paris. They were celebrating the launch of Rihanna’s new luxury brand. READ MORE

Kim Kardashian West Paris Robbery Update: 17 Arrested

Kim kardashian
French police have allegedly arrested more than a dozen people during raids linked to the high-profile robbery of reality TV star Kim Kardashian West in Paris last OctobA group of thieves burst into the private residence where Kardashian West was staying, held her at gunpoint, then escaped on bicycles with jewelry worth about $10 million.

There’s some disarray about precisely how many people police have arrested some French media outlets say 16, while others say 17.


Men’s Fashion Week In Paris!


Guess who? Yes, it was Men’s Fashion Week recently in Paris and yes the best of the best chocolate men were in attendance the main one being A$AP Rocky! You all knew, so please don’t look surprised because again this man has been fashionable since day one, very confident!


Ian Connor VS. Theophilus London and A$AP Bari!


Ian Connor, celebrity stylist and model, came to blows in Paris today with Theophilus London and A$AP Bari. The video, which can be seen on Twitter, shows Connor start the fight by punching London after an exchange of words.


Flight MS804


Everyone remember the Malaysian plane that was lost and still hasn’t been found until this day with many passengers on it? Yes, well last night there was another incident where plane traveling from Paris to Cairo, Egypt VANISHED. The radar was lost, yup that’s right folks another plane was lost. You think we will ever find this one?

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Well some comforting news is that we actually were able to locate this plane. The unfortunate news is where it was actually found. Today, according to airline sources, the plane was believed to be in the Mediterranean Sea. It was flying about 37,000 feet off of the ground when it lost contact above this sea. There were 66 people on this plane and 56 were passengers.


Authorities on this case are not ruling out any causes as to why the flight “suddenly” crashed. Because the plane did not radio for help. This fact triggers authorities to believe that this could’ve been a terrorist attack. The irony of a plane just making sharp swerves and turns if the weather wasn’t a factor is very rare.

We talk about these things so causally but when you think about it there is no pattern as to when or where these things happen. That uncertainty is very scary.

A Los Angeles judge is giving the okay to Michael Jackson’s mother and nephew to share guardianship of the late pop star’s three children. The judge finalized the agreement at a court hearing on Wednesday. The ruling comes about three weeks after Jackson’s 82-year-old mother, Katherine Jackson, agreed to share the role with her 34-year-old grandson TJ Jackson. The move was made after the judge gave TJ temporary guardianship of the children during Katherine’s extended stay at an Arizona spa resort. READ MORE