New PETA Ad Featuring Tia Mowry

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A new PETA campaign featuring “Sister, Sister” actress Tia Mowry is being unveiled in Los Angeles. Mowry, who posed in nothing but an apron full of veggies in the ad that reads “Let Veganism Grow on You,” showed off the new campaign Monday on Sunset Boulevard at PETA’s Bob Barker Building. Read More »

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Beyonce’s Sneakers Not PETA Friendly

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals aka PETA is not very happy with the superstar Beyonce Knowles. PETA says that Bey’s fashion choices are not animal friendly. Check out PETA’s statement inside.  Read More »

Evelyn Lozada Parties With Basketball Wives Stars For Her Birthday

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Evelyn Lozada is celebrating her PETA campaign and her birthday with her co-stars the ladies of Basketball Wives in LA. Read More »

Video: Evelyn Lozada Goes Naked for PETA

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Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada is baring it all in snowflakes for PETA. She has taken part of their, ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur,’ campaign. Check out more inside.

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Wendy Williams Gets Naked For PETA

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Wendy Williams is stripping down for a good cause. The new PETA ad has Wendy featured naked in their  “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. Read More »

Rihanna is Targeted by PETA for Wearing Snake Skin Boots

tdaniels Sep 3 12 0 Comments

Animal rights activists have recently began rave about Rihanna’s recent fashion choices even calling her a “freak”. PETA is slamming the pop star after she was spotted wearing a pair of snake skin boots last week as reported by Rumorfix.

This is what they had to say:

“Rihanna may not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often nailed to a tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can’t go on Oprah to cry about it,” said a PETA spokesperson, referring to Rihanna’s recent appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s The Next Chapter.
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Kanye Raps About Kim Kardashian… Again!

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After only dating Kim Kardashian for a month, could Kanye be ready to put a ring on it? Remember what he said about Kim in “Way Too Cold”:

“And I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim ’round the same time she fell in love with him [Kris Humpries]. Well that’s cool, Babygirl, do your thing. Lucky I didn’t get Jay to drop him from the team.“

Now, HollywoodLife reports the Grammy winner raps about her again — for the second time –  in an upcoming track:

“I saw you in the club in a white dress/Now I want to put you in a white dress.”

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PETA Dog’s Chris Brown Over Puppy Selling Business

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Chris Brown’s pitbull puppy selling venture isn’t going over well with animal rights activists. In an attempt to fizzle out some of the backlash, Chris Brown attempted to show off his softer side by tweeting a picture of himself looking after his adorable pets. Brown posted an image of himself relaxing at home with his pooches, kicking back on a sofa as he did a spot of dog sitting.  Read More »

Theraflu and PETA Responds To Kanye’s New Single

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Theraflu says its not lending its support to Kanye West’s new single of the same name.


A rep for the cold medicine company tells TMZ that they don’t “endorse or approve” of Kanye’s use of their name and image.

Theraflu didn’t say they were planning any legal action, but did add that their product is relied on by “millions of consumers” to treat “cold and flu symptoms.”


Theraflu isn’t the only organization that is taking issue with Kanye’s latest track. During the song, the hip-hop star reignites his feud with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals by rapping, quote, “Tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor.” Read More »