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NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are heading out on tour. They’re among the 12 “Housewives” Bravo has announced to participate in its “The Real Housewives Live Tour.” The three-city outing will begin October 1st in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Network executives say the tour will allow fans a “unique, hands-on experience with their favorite cast members across franchises that they can’t experience anywhere else.” Other cities on the tour’s itinerary will include Phaedra’s stop in Hammond, Indiana on October 8th and an October 15th date in Atlanta where NeNe will be holding court on home turf. READ MORE


In last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta my girl Kandi sang her heart out to all her closet friends, and of corse the other members of the Housewives.  This was the first episode all the girls met each other in one place this season. We saw the big fight and makeup wit Nene Dwight and her son, Sheree’s has a new man, Kim started working out and is about to do her first concert, Phaedra Parks let us meet her mama and let us know she don’t take no mess, Cynthia Bailey showed off her club, and most importantly we got the chance to listen to one of Kandi’s new songs that she sang live on stage. Just so yall know FreddyO & Lisa Wu Hartwell were also in the building they just edited us out of all of the scenes.(why they hating)

The song featured on the show was called “I just Know” and was written by Kandi. Kandi wrote the song for AJ and all the love they shared when they first started talking about getting married. You can buy the song on Itunes(Buy Here) and it will be on her forthcoming album called “Kandi Koated”, which comes out November 23 2010. Make sure yall buy 3 copies…. Here’s the song and all the photo’s tell me if yall are feeling it?

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Premier Party

Tonight marked the return of the Real Housewives of Atlanta with 2 new cast members Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey.  This season NeNe is having marital problems, Kim’s got a new friend, Sheree’s spending money, and Kandi’s has a new album. Last night the girls came together, well kinda. My homies from the Real Atlanta Housewives TV show, came together to watch the premier last night on Bravo. NeNe and Sheree had to go to the NYC to promote the show, while Kim Kandi Phaedra Parks Derrick J and  Cynthia Bailey partied the night away with all there closest friends as they viewed the first episode of the show. Kim hosted a party at Twist in Buckhead. Her new Boo and loving Daughter were in the building. Big Shout out to Brielle and her Boy, you better listen to yo mama.


On the other side of town Kandi and all her friends came together at justin’s to view the show but they were also there celebrating one of her Kandi Koated Nights cast members birthday. My girls Rasheed and Ebony Elektra were some of the guest in the building.


Here are all the pic’s… READ MORE


The 3rd season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast has been announced and confirmed and will be off the hook (August 23). Returning cast Nene, Sheree, Kim, and Kandi will have two new faces joining them this season. Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey have been confirmed and have now  officially become members of the cast.  The world will see how these 6 fabulous  women juggle their busy lives while living in the hottest city in the south. This season will be filled with fights, make-ups, breakups, and overall drama and entertainment. If you do not believe me, check out the video preview below. READ MORE

ryan-cameron- Phaedra-parks-te
Over the weekend Ryan Cameron ,one of Atlanta biggest radio personalities held his fifth annual youth golf clinic.

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The newest Atlanta house wife the one and only Miss Phaedra Parks a Super Lawyer practicing in Entertainment & Sports came out to speak with the children about making the right choice and thinking about where they are going to be in 5 years. Phaedra who is pregnant with her first child is currently working on the new season of the Atlanta house wives… Here are all the pics…

Picture 3

Last night, I received a call from an unidentified housewife from RHOA. The housewife broke down and gave the real dirt for the new season of RHOA. They told me how the new season will work, explained the new additions of cast members Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey who are not consider Housewives yet. The housewife told me that they will be a part of the show like Dwight Eubanks, in and out of the show to add a little spice to the gumbo.

The new housewife that causes the most drama and crowned “drama queen” will be added to the show’s cast. Peep this! READ MORE