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[MUSIC VIDEO] Plies “Boss Friends”

New music alert, new anthem to go into 2020 with, get you some boss friends. It should make you wanna level up, if you getting money you want to get more money that’s what boss friends do. Plies also hit you with one, this time he got Da Baby with him. Watch the video here.


Pics : V-103 Pop Up Concert at Phillips Arena

V-103 hosted one of the dopest “Pop Up Live” concert at Philips Arena featuring Rick Ross, Big Boi, T.I., Meek Mill and Plies held March 25. Combined, the five artists have compiled more than 75 top 10 Billboard magazine rap hits over the past two decades. Ticket prices ranged from $43 to $143 and it was definitely a packed area (sold out) ! The station also promised surprise guests and of course Atlanta being the hip hop capital , there’s no telling who was going to show up !


Plies Loses Drivers License After DUI Arrest

Plies is already feeling the consequences from his DUI arrest, even before he gets to court — he’s lost his driver’s license because he refused to take a breathalyzer test.



During CIAA, there are several day parties going on but the promoter Chris E definitely shut the city of Charlotte down by throwing one of biggest day parties hosted by the popular NY Power 105.1’s syndicated morning show “The Breakfast Club!” Along with the Breakfast club was none other than Rapper/Business entrepreneur 50CENT who also hosted the party and reality star Cardi B.


plies-got-slammed-on-stage-while-performing-at-concer-in-coliseum-tallahassee-club1Plies Got Slammed On Stage While Performing At Concert In Coliseum Tallahassee Club Check out video below… READ MORE

Lil Boosie Writes Letter to His Fans From Prison

Lil Boosie recently picked up his pen to write a letter to his fans. He’s been in prison for some time now with numerous charges.


He received 8 years for pleading guilty to drug smuggling charges. While he waits in prison, he decided to write the following letter to his fans.



A letter to all my fans,

First, I want to than you all of you for supporting me through these hard time. Last month I was sentence to 8 years with credit for time served so i will have to do 19 months on that sentence. I go to trial for this murder charge in April so please keep me in your prayers. READ MORE