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A$AP Rocky x The Breakfast Club Speak On Racism!


A$AP Rocky did an interview this morning with Charlamagne at The Breakfast Club on the recent issues that have occurred in regards to police brutality and racism. A lot of people were giving him heat about his last comments on the topic that were completely taken out of context about the Ferguson incident. He got on the radio this morning to clear all the confusion up.

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Charlemagne brought up what he said last in regard to the police brutality shootings and pointed out that this is what you said and this is how people interpreted it, how do you feel about that interpretation and is that what you really meant to say? Now, Rocky cleared it up and definitely made it obvious that he does not approve of racism nor police brutality but he can’t speak on something that he didn’t witness.


He says that a lot of people get the talking about things they don’t even have all the facts to and social media stirs it all up but we tend to miss the bigger picture each time. He told everyone that it was not that he couldn’t relate but he just didn’t want to speak on a specific incident that he had no facts on at the time just to satisfy the people’s wants.


A$AP is a very humble person so for people who know nothing about him or what he stands for to accuse him of being too caught up in his money or ignorant they have no place to say anything. Because that is another perfect example of what he was just saying that people are always speaking on something they know nothing about.


Officers Killed In Louisiana!


Today about a few hours ago there was another shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There were 7 cops injured and 3 cops dead. Apparently, the cops were mixed in race I believe but that shouldn’t even be relevant however it is. We all know that there is a war going on, but it is not a new one at all.

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One of the shooters was caught and he again claimed he was doing it under the movement of black lives matter. Again, another ignorant person using that as an excuse for taking that anger and killing innocent people.


How does killing officers who are there and protect you help anything? It might make you feel good for the moment but at the end of the day that was someone’s father or mother that you just murdered for doing their job as they were hired to do genuinely and honestly.



We are so lost as a people and all I can do is pray every time I see news reports like these on my timeline. Think about all the black lives that have been taken by black lives! C’mon people wake up!!!!

We are so much better than this, so much better.

Alton Sterling Home Going


Today marks the first day that the family and friends of Alton Sterling have gathered to acknowledge his great life all together. The family is mourning and mourning over this unnecessary tragedy that happened with no mercy or care in the world of racist cops. I believe the cops when they say that I they are scared of African Americans because we can run the world and that loss of control is something very precious to them as its been for years. However, none of this justifies them killing us day by day.

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Now although these white on black crimes are disgusting beyond measure can we talk about the real issue or not?


Because I’m going to tell you right now that “black lives” never mattered the day we started killing ourselves ruthlessly. See, when we start to talk about what really needs to take places for us to be taken seriously as a people no one wants to say a word. I personally have a problem that.


If we can’t address and try to fix the real issue then shut up about racial discrimination when the discrimination in our own race is outrageous.


Nonetheless, our sincere prayers are with Alton’s family and for all the fallen to racial discrimination and discrimination, fear and hate period within our race.

DL Hugley On Fox Network!



Last night DL Hugley had th e chance to get on Fox News to talk about the recent deaths of African Americans at the hands of police officers. A lady named Megan who was supposed to be interviewing with him was clearly a rascist and it was clear she had little regard for black people herself.

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I must say that I am very happy about the strides we are taking as black people to put an end to racial tensions. There are many athletes such as Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James who have been calling attention to the African American issues as well.


However even with all these inspirational people coming forward it still is not enough. The marching is still not enough even the petitions still aren’t enough. But one thing that will be effective is the hault on cash flow going into these businesses we support that could care less about us.


You know that half of these white owned businesses have the biggest clientele from the black communities. With that being said if we are as serious as we say we must be able to participate with actions that require a sacrifice.


I am more than willing to do that, are you?


Lil Boosie Speaks!


We all know that the power of celebrity voices on serious social and racial issues in this country are important. The downside to that is that if celebrities are negative the people or fans who are influenced by that artist have negative feelings towards the relationship between the black community and the law enforcement.

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Lil Boosie basically has a pessimistic view on the progression of the black community violence and police brutality. Some people might categorize it as a “realistic” view but I would like to think otherwise.


Here is how I look at it, if we thought like with that entire pessimistic view we as a people would not have been as far as we are now. Again, I am not saying that we have come very very far because we definitely have a long way to go but we have made progress.


I know that we can get on the right track and be better as a people but we have to be willing to be better and we have to be educated. Education is just everything and I really can’t stress that enough!

Alva Braziel…


You would think that after the countless protest and countless commotion on social media that the racial tension would decrease right? Well nope it is the total opposite for many citizens of the south, especially in Texas. Texas is not the highest with racial tension but it definitely is up there with the most racist states.

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alva 3

The fact that many African American men are becoming hashtags and it is just becoming a regular thing for police brutality to occur without any consequence is not okay. Alva Braziel was shot dead early this morning in Houston, Texas. It is disgusting what is happening.


A by stander who was also black stated that the blacks in that town and city are targeted. He also expressed that he doesn’t feel safe anywhere he goes and it makes you not even want to walk outside of your house for anything.


I need the minorities to come together. I need that, now.

I saw the bloods and the cryptes tie their flags together to show a union and I am more than pleased to see that! That union needs to spread all over, that is the only way we will not fall.



Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness!


In case you didn’t know ignorance doesn’t cure ignorance just like hate does not drive out hate, only love does that. These recent police shootings were uncalled for just as the ongoing MURDERS protected under this immunity, of the black community has been as well. I’m not saying that the cop shooting and deaths were acceptable but what I will say is it wasn’t  a surprising retaliation to me at all.

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There are so many issues at hand but it really starts with being educated about the world and how it works. There are laws that need to be changed in law enforcement and in this “justice system” hands down. But where we need to start is through peacefully protesting and petitioning. Also, we need to vote on all levels, get into politics and still fight for your people don’t be a sell out.


I think making changes is very simple but people just make it hard. White people have no excuse to be mad because they were never enslaved NOR treated as less than human for generations. However, black people cannot be so quick to pull the race card either nor be so furious about police brutality when we are continuously killing in our own communities daily for nothing.


Don’t be a contradiction, talk about the real issues. Minorities should come together and see what happens then. I dare minorities to come together. These racist white people talk about fear?

They haven’t even felt it yet.




Police Officer Fatally Shoots Black Man During Traffic Stop Near St. Paul

The recent killings of black men at the hands of police officers have hurt so many more hearts than I can imagine. I am honestly torn between being speechless and having so much to say simultaneously. I appreciate certain celebrities, actors, and other famous figures using their platforms to persistently speak on these issues as well because at the end of the day that is what it’s all about.

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I will soon be writing a special piece addressing the real tea of “black lives matter vs. all live matter”, the definition of “real america”, the real war that has transpired in the black communities with one another and obviously the police brutality and legal inequalities that have been present for over 400 years. Oh, and also the corruption in the law enforcement and the government.


If you are a person who will never know how it feels to always be looked at sideways just because of the color of your skin than stand up for all minorities now in this time. This is when we need you and minorities this is the time we need one another. Don’t be blinded by ignorance. Education is key!


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