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Actress and budding philanthropist, Keshia Knight Pulliam, has been actively involved on the campaign trail over the past few months to encourage voter registration, and to show her support for President Barack Obama‘s re-election. She also took time to speak on a Planned Parenthood panel. READ MORE

Video: President Obama Gives Jay-Z Advice

President Obama and the First Lady Michelle have a new budding strong relationship with hip hop power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. We are all curious to know what a conversation between the couples would be? Check out the advice the President gives Jay-Z. READ MORE

Jay-Z and Beyonce are at it again. The two are very open with their support of president Obama and were very invovled in helping bring attention to the importance of voting during his first election campaign. Jay-Z and wife Beyonce are throwing their support behind President Obama for re-election. The two are planning their second event in support of the president and if this event goes right they could raise which should $4,000,000 just on ticket sales.


Obama Blames Roman for Nicki Minaj’s Mitt Romney Rap

Nicki Minaj fans may be a little confused as to why the singer rapped about endorsing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Minaj did the verse for Lil Wayne’s “Dedication Four” mixtape and she says,

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy b*****s is f*****g up the economy.”

The blogs have been buzzing ever since the “Dedication Four” album dropped last week and Nicki even caught the ear of President Obama!!!  In an interview with Orlando, Florida radio station, Power 95.3, the president gave his two cents about Minaj’s verse.  See what he had to say and her response to him below… READ MORE

Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN Network decided to pull the plug and cancel Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show. WOW I didn’t think the show would go off the air so soon. Rosie’s first episode of “The Rosie Show” aired on OWN only 5 months ago Oct,2011. THEJASMINEBRAND reports initially the show got about 500,000 viewers. But about 2 months later, the executive producer had to be replaced and the location had to be downgraded to a smaller space, since the number of viewers slipped to a disappointing 190,000. Oprah issued a statement of release, saying READ MORE

Rev. Jesse Jackson released a statement admitting he had an extramarital affair that resulted in a daughter who is now 12 years old. Now the mother of his baby is accusing him of not being able to pay the child support payments. READ MORE